17 years old

i’m gonna be 18 years old in february i just wanted to know if there is any league i could play in so i can actually play and compete. I’ve played for a couple of years in games against other people for fun and realized that playing in a team could actually be fun. What will I have to do? where a 18 year old lefty without any team baseball years but a ton of knowledge and capacities is supposed to go if he wants to play baseball for real!? help??

Well real game playing time will help you get in to competitive baseball much easier, but you could look around for single A baseball leagues. I don’t know how good you are but thats a start. If all else fails coach, if you have all of that knowledge. :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean by Single A baseball leagues?

Well I am pretty sure if you look around your area you can fin semi-pro single A baseball teams. Unless you think you are good enough to make AA, or AAA. I’ve never seen you pitch. But coming straight out of highschool I don’t think that a AA, or AAA team would take a walk on from highschool unless you are really good. Or you might seach and ask some coaches around your area about baseball leagues for people around your age.

OK, well first off, a Single A league is a professional league, not a semi-pro league. You don’t just join these leagues, players get drafted and assigned to these teams, and they include some of the best players in the country. AA and AAA teams consist of players of Major League quality, so also, you don’t just walk on to these teams. White Sox, you sound very confused as to how baseball works. Any minor league team is considered professional and is superior to college baseball.

4Pie, as far as finding a league in which to play, there may be some actual semi-pro summer leagues that consist of players who are in college or older guys who used to play in college or professionally. As a person who only plays for fun, I would find it difficult to even make one of these teams, although the level of competition varies. Do you have a high school team to play for?

actually, i’m 18 years old in 2 months, i’m done with school. I go to college but my school don’t have a baseball team because baseball isn’t something really popular in quebec. I just want to find a team to pitch even one inning would be enough. Playing against good people would be good enough

There may be some amateur teams or leagues you can find. Start with www.baseball.ca, and www.baseballquebec.com. Also try searching on John Skilton’s baseball links … I found this link that might be helpful in your quest: http://www.baseball-links.com/links/Amateur_&_Semi-Pro/Canada/

Good luck !

thank you for the links and your time.

quebec, how’s the weather up there? Wow you should come to the U.S. for some competition… No offense by the way… My high school district has won the past 2 state championships.