17 Year Old Throwing 80 mph

Hey guys, its been forever since I’ve been on here but I thought I would post a clip of myself. I started doing back chaining drills during the summer and went from 70 mph to 80 mph.

I just took a month off of throwing and am starting again tomorrow. I completely reworked my arm action. I am mainly looking for advice on if I should try to tweak my arm action a little more before I really start to work on my shoulder hip seperation and timing with that. Any comments would be much appreciated.

This clip is 79 mph.

I dont know anything about your arm but I do know something you can train on and thats your glove arm. Watch some vids of mlb pitchers what they’re doing with their glove arms.

I think you stride somewhat open, which can reduce velocity. I also think that your stride is a little short, you might want to lengthen it.

I think that you use your front leg effectively, but you do drop your front shoulder out early. Your release is in sync with the stiff front leg, which is also good. The only thing I really see right now is that you are dropping out early, this can put pressure on your throwing shoulder. I would imagine on a pitching mound your leg drives a bit further out, so I will not necessarily say that the stride is too short. I stride shorter without a mound.

I will question whether or not you are in a tall, balanced position before dropping and pushing to your front leg. If someone bends that back leg early, it can negate the gravity you would use to pitch. I have seen kids who go to a set position with their back leg bent the entire time, and it can take away velocity and make them tired quickly in the legs. I can not say whether you do this or not because the video does not show that point in your motion.