17 year old Senior in High School


I have been lifting, doing band work, and conditioning very regularly throughout the offseason. I also did a Velocity program for around 2 months, and from all of these things I have gained very little velocity. People tell me to just keep lifting and long tossing. I am stuck around 80-81mph as a senior LHP in high school.

Attached is a link to my profile on PBR, hopefully you all are able to access it.

I feel stuck and unable to develop higher velocity. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions to help promote higher velocity development.

Thanks for your time.

I can’t see the videos on the link you posted, so I can’t say anything about your mechanics. I would suggest maybe gaining some weights as that has been associated with velo increase. Also, velocity isn’t going to come quickly. You have to stick with it- it’s gonna take more than 2 months. If you have a YouTube vid of mechanics, post that. Until then, keep at it bro- gaining velo takes lots and lots of work. Good luck!

2 months simply isn’t enough time. Especially if you haven’t really done any lifting in the past - you need to stick with it and make sure you’re pushing yourself. If you aren’t, either your form is off or you need to add more weight.

On long toss, I would recommend against extreme long toss. If you do long toss make sure you’re keeping your form perfect and your arm speed is the same as if you were pitching.