17 Year Old RHP Mechanics

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

looks great, but if you want to add a little more snap to your pitches and a few MPH I suggest stiffening the front leg earlier before you snap the throw. I like everything I see, and I bet you have great location, you use gravity well. You could keep the glove pointed and the arm back until the leg lands to drive the hips. then drive the hips as you snap the throw. If they snap slightly before the throw thats just perfect, it loads the body just right. :slight_smile:

Hey i got a couple new videos of my mechanics. I made a few small changes but let me know what you think. Thanks!

Back View

Side View

Looks good.

I would lengthen that stride, and get smoother. Also I think you need to gain some weight.

How much do you weigh, and how tall are you?

Also what did you build that mound with?

I am 6’ 3" and i weigh 150 pounds. And i made that mound with some 2x4s and pieces of plywood.

you have a bad inverted L in your arm action, when you throw you raise your elbow and make an upside down L this is very bad, it adds stress to the elbow and shoulder, prior, carpenter, wainwright, and now strasburg all are constantly injured because they do it, watch halladay or greg maddux pitch, thats how you need to do it, other than that you look very good keep up the good work but fix the arm action.


The above is all just a theory so take it with a grain of salt.

My take is that you need to take better care of the glove. Right now, agter you extend it out front, you let it sweep to the side and down. This is likely pulling your shoulders open early. If you can control the glove so that it is still out front as close to foot plant as possible, that will have the effect of keeping the shoulders closed longer. And THAT will let you maximize hip and shoulder separation which will enable you to better use your lower half to generate power/velocity. This will also help you get your release point further out in front where it will decrease batter reaction time and it will give you better movement on breaking pitches.

very dangerous sign that i saw your elbow is higher than shoulder!!!

trust me the inverted L is bad, it streches the labrum and when you go to throw and your arm lays back, it lays back much harder than it would if you have a clean action like maddux, this added force adds stress on the elbow and shoulder and can very easily lead to injury.

The elbow thing is a non issue… You being 6’ 4 and 150 pounds is…You need to find baseball trainer not one of these meat head gym rats one that will put you on a program that is for ballplayers, put on some weight and muscle…
Mechanicaly I’m with a few of the others glove side could be a little
More under control see if you can find some of lanky lefty’s video’s on = and opposite arm action. Also the stride length should be 90 to 100% of your height.

how is increased chances of injury a non issue?

Give us some some numbers… Proof that this will end a large percent of the pitchers in the bigs and goes against the scouts out there that this will break you down.

Thanks for the insight guys, I appreciate it.

Yes me being super tall and skinny is something that I have been working on tremendously lately. My dad is an athletic trainer so we have come up with a schedule of lifting, throwing, eating and all that good stuff. I have put on a few pounds here recently but that is something that has never come easily. I eat as much as I can and can out-eat about anybody i know but it seems like all i have to do is just stand up and I burn everything off lol.

I have always wondered about the high elbow thing but it hasn’t seemed to be a problem so far. I never have any type of soreness or pain or anything like that so I have never been worried about it.

Keep doing what your doing the elbow thing is a theory, stay with Rogers post and you can’t go wrong…