17 year old left hand pitcher- Mechanic help

Hey everyone, just wanted to post the most recent video of me throwing. Closed out the seventh, came in with guys on 2nd, and 3rd. One out.

Any comments on my mechanics would be lovely.


Daniel Edmondo

Here are some nice pictures of my mechanics. Any expert advice would be beneficial. Thank you

-Newer ones are the bottom from our Gordie Classic Tournament over the weekend.

Here are three things to work on that need fixing.
1.Start with your glove chest high not below your waist. This will allow you
to deliver the ball quicker, and not take so long to get the ball into the high cocked position.
2. From your pictures, your fingers are under the ball instead of on top.
Take the ball back towards second base with the fingers on top. Then deliver the ball by rotating your hand about a quarter turn toward first base.
3. You need to land on a firm front side.(Notice how you hop after you
deliver the ball.)

Thanks, I will try to work on some of those things. I have been finishing with a firmer front side, take a look at some of the recent pictures. I have been doing a lot better than last year with the front side. I still need to work on some things though, like as you said faster to the plate, and getting on top of the ball.

I remeber that sorry mound. We used to play MABL games there and when our pitcher was getting hit it was miserable in the outfield. All the buildings behind the field were WHITE and BEIGE, you’d miss the ball off the bat constantly. I think centerfield went downhill too, we hated it.

So, you look hurried in the delivery but it’s that plant that’s really gonna kill you. I’m sure if you slowed down with your break and your stride it wouldn’t leave you so much off balance.

But if you want to keep working that way, then adjust your plant.

The foot is opening up a little after you’re down, sometimes with the toe turning out and sometimes with the heel coming in, sometimes your knee just wobbles. Thats probably your hips (or knee) not wanting to turn through with your foot where it is.

So either slow down or open your stride one or two inches. Maybe you can try a longer stride to sort of buffer the imbalance. But that possible benefit will be from a change/increase in momentum so you risk screwing up everything else if you’re not fully in shape around your legs and core.

And pretty important; once you’ve got more balance, get downward action with your shoulders and have some follow through.