17 Year Old Incoming College Freshman

I’m 17 years old and 6’4" and I will be attending Neumann University (D3) in the fall to pitch.

The pitch sequence in this video is:

Now, here is a side view. If you want to see what I really look like from the side, make sure to watch the whole thing and view the last pitch of the clip. Camera work and gameplay kinda ruin the beginning of this clip.


yes I think when driving into the front leg, you need to drive down and into it, you have the potential to throw harder if you incorporate more from the front leg. when your body drops and you land, land on a bent front leg, let your body fall into it, then drive it back into the body, stiffening. this drives the hips to release. I suggest playing long toss as far as you can and paying special attention to the role the front leg plays in driving the hips to release the ball. when you get it right, you will notice right away the difference.