17 Y/O Upcoming Senior


Has been mid 80’s up until recently. Clocked at 81-82 the last 2 showcases. Hope nothing is wrong with his arm. He plays for one of those big organizations in Georgia travel ball. Anyone want to take a stab at these mechanics?


I can tell his front leg is soft and thats causing a loss of MPH. Especially when compared to Greinke.


I think his hips are late to rotate and are coming through in one big rotation with his upper body. Look at the difference between Greinke when his arm is fully cocked and when your player’s arm is. From what I can tell, Taber’s quad is still facing the camera, and I still see the front of his shin. Greinke starts his move to the plate with a his back hip firing, so when his arm is cocked and his shoulders are still back his back hips has already done a lot of rotating.

I think your player is trying to do it all with his arm, evident in the difference between he and Greinke at this high arm cock position. Your player’s chest is really up at the sky almost and his elbows are pulled way down and back. Greinke instead has level shoulders and fairly quiet upper half, probably because he’s letting his hips and lower half do the heavy lifting.

For reference, I’m looking at 0:44 in the Taber video and 0:28 in the Greinke video. Hope that makes sense. Have Taber focus on his back hip starting the rotation to the plate. The thought should be not to just open the front hip, but to drive the back hip through.

Definitely curious what others see though.


Anyone know a good app to download this video to my phone so I can slow it down?


Thanks a bunch sidewinder. The 44 second compared to 28 is alarming. Didn’t realize he was in that position. We will work on all of that!


I don’t think it was shot in a high enough frames per second to slow down much better than just rapid clicks. Also, youtube compresses files when uploading, so it may have lost some frames along the way.


It does not appear to me that he coils around the inside of his posting hip and then strides and rotates around the inside of his glove side hip. I feel like he lifts his leg and strides and vaults over his front foot. Slight hip action, pretty good arm action. Should throw harder with more load and firmer landing.

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Coach’s eye if you can get it into mp4.


Not really sure if this advice is solid but flexibility drills like hip stretching and basic yoga maybe a way to increase the gap between hips and arms. Its hard to correct that separation through mechanic adjustments because of how tough that position is to time. I don’t know though just a thought.


Here is a video of him pitching today: Any better? I still don’t see his front side becoming firm at all.