17 Y/O LH Hitter


Good HS hitter. Kind of a funky swing/mechanics but hits really well in games. Anyone see anything here?


Good quick hands with a short path to the ball. I can see why he’d be a tough out. That’s the type of swing that can barrel up a lot of different pitches because of its simplicity. My initial comparison is Freddie Freeman.

Like I just posted on your pitcher’s video, I think he could get that backside working a little more for some more pop. I’m no hitting expert though, just echoing what I hear my friend who’s a hitting coach teach his players.


It does appear to be an all arm swing…well, for the most part.
Like you said, would be able to make consistent contact and the quick hands would allow for a good “bail out” swing if he was fooled by a pitch.
I have had some good luck using a medicine ball. Have the kid hold the ball about where his hands are when he comes set, before he starts his swing. When he starts his movement (most start by moving their front foot, this kid doesn’t seem to so much) the weight of the medball can be used to help the person feel the back hip…to keep the weight back if that is an issue and to be more back hip dominant. I have good luck with this with kids that step out with their lead leg. I think it may be helpful with getting more of the lower half involved in the swing as well.


What kind of issues does he have? Just looking at these few swings I’d think he has trouble hitting the outside pitch or if he does is it a slow roller or pop-up to 3rd base? I say that because it looks to me like he is really pulling off and not getting any extension through the ball.


What pitch(s) does he have issues with?

Whatever the place in the batting order, whatever his pitch preference is - there is usually a pitch or two that gives him a problem. What is it? Check into why and you’ll see an obvious flaw that everyone misses.

Now I’m using a pitching coach’s approach to this. A hitting coach I’m not. Not even close.