17 Y/O Legion Player needing Mechanical help

Hello, I am currently playing legion ball right now in Northern California. It is very competitive, and I have gained 2-3 mph this summer already. Sat at about 75-77 in HS season. Now sit at 78-80 in legion. I hope to play JUCO baseball after my upcoming senior year. I have some mechanical issues I would like to get addressed before then. I want to sit at about 82-84 by January. One of the main problems, along with my frame are my mechanics. I notice first of all, my elbow is above my shoulder, as well as falling off and front leg bending. Below are slow motion capture videos. Please critique.

Thanks again.

This is my first mechanical advice I have given on this site, but the flaw looked obvious to me. It looks like you do wrong what I do wrong; your shoulders start to rotate before your hand gets into the cocked position thereby reducing the hip/shoulder separation. I may be wrong, so hopefully some more knowledgeable posters can help! Good luck!

There are a few things I see that can help
1,Don’t scrunch up the wind up. Stay tall and bring up your left knee at least to horizontal position.
2. Right elbow is ok because in line with shoulders. Its higher due to coming over top delivery.
3. you are falling to the side because your delivery is coming over the top.
You would be better off using the3/4 delivery, and taking the ball down, back, and up. Right now you are struggling to get your arm over the top.
Also using a 3/4 arm delivery will allow you to keep your head on line to
the catcher.
4. Your left knee should land flexed but firm so you can throw against it,
and get your chest over it.

Why is it necessary that he changes his arm angle? But one flaw I see is that you’re not following through. Your torso pretty much stays more upright instead of down over your front knee parallel to the ground. Second it appears your leg lift isn’t quite high enough.

All I can see is that your back leg bends way too much. Stay a little stronger and taller on it. Also, the scruntch doesn’t matter, if it’s comfortable, keep doing it. And, don’t change your arm action, it’s fine. Just stay stronger on the back leg and dont let it collapse like in the video. This will increase stride and velocity. :smiley:

My arm should end up in front instead of the side right? What can help me replicate this? Towel whip drill?

Everything looks good until about the time when you load your weight onto your back leg. As your leg bends, your knee begins to almost fall inwards. This is what we call a collapse of the back leg. This collaps causes your weight to jump out ahead of your arm and more importantly hinders the rotational power of your hips. In watching your videos, once you load your back leg and it collapses inward your head and hips are relatively low to the ground. Once your foot plants, you seem to pop up from that low positon (nothing wrong with being low) when you throw. I also noticed that you seem to fall the first baseside after you throw which is not bad, but you seem to do so because your shoulders are out-rotating your hips. So to sum it up. 1. Keep your back knee towards third longer 2. Stay level throughout delivery don’t pop up. 3. Really get the feeling of explosive rotation with hips. Should feel like the hips whip the arm not like arm is throwing. Arm angles are natural don’t change if its not painful or inaccurate.