17 y/o Junior. Momentum problem?


What do you guys think about this kid? Is his body flowing down the mound or is he stopping, especially in the windup video. Sorry its short videos and 1 angle.


I’d like to see him load up on the back leg a little more during his leg lift. I’m not a fan of the slide step and while he does bring his lift leg back it’s not enough in my opinion. The lead knee should cross the path of the back knee.

He also lands with his stride leg bent, but it never braces up – it stays soft.


Being only one pitch video from the stretch, it’s hard to determine if this is the same all the time. I had a slide step for action counts, but lifted more from time to time to upset the runner’s ability to time my delivery.

The biggest impression I get from both videos is a lack of explosiveness. His hands break slow and his arm is slow until the very end. I have a lot of luck increasing pitcher velocity simply by having them explosively break their hands and doing nothing else differently. By breaking hands later and faster, their arm speed is increased throughout the remainder of their delivery. Voila! More velocity.