17-18 Mill Basin Mariners out of Brooklyn, NY

Hey, for the past few years I have played for an Open age team (college and up) in Brooklyn called the Mill Basin Mariners. This year we decided to start a 17-18 year old team and I will be coaching it. If anyone is in the NYC area and knows of some high level players looking for a team, send me an e-mail at sb3388@mail.com. I will respond to your email with the team flyer with all of the information. Keep in mind that we do play a high level of competition so not just anyone will be able to play. Anyone interested send me an email!

Ah, memories.
For many years I played with a very good team that might well have been called semipro if everyone had gotten paid! The team was called the Screwballs—named for a pitch nobody threw—and we were based in the West Bronx, and we had a manager who had been a semipro infielder with good baseball savvy. Most of the players were 18 and older; I was the “kid” of the bunch, having joined them at the age of 14 because of an unusual set of circumstances. I was the only female on the team, and the guys didn’t mind one bit because I was getting the batters out with my burgeoning assortment of snake jazz; I was one of those infuriating sidearmers who used the crossfire extensively and had built my repertoire around a very good slider. We played major league rules all the way, which pleased me very much. I pitched for them for more than two decades, and then I was forced to stop playing because my work schedule caught up with me and I lost my free weekends. But it was great fun. As I said—ah, memories. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

Open ball is fun and i hope to have as long a career as you beyond my college days, and by the way… a 14 year old female in a open age mens league!? thats pretty impressive! a good friend of mine is coaching a 15-16 summer team and tells me that his best pitcher is the only girl in the league, i’ll pass on the story

As I have been saying for the longest time—if you can do it, go for it, and it doesn’t matter whether a person is male or female or a two-headed green Martian! (I used to consider myself the last-named.) It didn’t hurt, either, that I had an incredible pitching coach for a few years—he was an active major-league pitcher, a key member of the Yankees’ Big Three rotation, who would work with anyone who was interested, who wanted to know and who was willing to work at it. From him I learned how to throw a good slider, the ins and outs of strategic pitching, the mental and psychological aspects of the game—and it didn’t matter that I didn’t have a real fast ball; I threw lots of snake-jazz and I had the control and command to go with it, and here’s something funny—somewhere along the line I had a nickname pinned on me: “The Exterminator”. The other teams in the league hated to face me because I was just killing them! :lol: As I said, it was lots of fun.