16 yr pitcher

my son just turned 16. he is 6’8’’ and about 190. his h.s. coach just clocked him at 77-80 with a juggs gun is this good bad or somewhere in between. thanks

It is nothing special for that age and size. However, kids that tall often take longer getting everything working together properly. A local pitcher who is 6’8" wasn’t anything special out of HS and attended a D3. He ended up being the first pick of the Astros in 2003.

thank you for the reply. the coach says that he has great movement on his fastball. he also throws a circle change and a good 12-6 curve. coach says that he will get alot of looks. i would like to see his speed pick up a little more this year.

first thing id do is get him running and lifting weights, hes definatley not heavy enough, but…dont have him lift heavy weights during the season…xpt for the legs…but otherwise, if your that tall like me or him…u should be able to hit 80 easily, i threw high 80s when i jus turned 16, have him throw alot…AND AVOID INJURIES TO THE ELBOW UP TO THE SHOULDER…those kill velocity