16 yr old soph

The clips below are of my son who is currently at 16yr old soph. He is 6’2" 155 pds, tops out at 81. He sits 76-78 most of the time. I’d like to get some thoughts on what he is doing good vs what he could improve on. I think with added strength and weight his velocity will jump…but what about seperation here?

The first thing that stands out to me is that his stride seems to end a little too quickly. I can’t tell from the side angle, but I would bet he lands a little closed off from the target line causing him to throw across his body slightly. If he lets his stride finish straight to the target line he will have a easier time opening his hips all the way - giving him even more hips\shoulder separation and thus increasing velocity. Again - without a front view it’s hard to tell for sure.

Ok thanks, I found a front view from a couple of weeks ago. Take a look here

Kyleb, Paul,Jd, everyone, thoughts?

Seeing as how he starts on the left side of the rubber his stride lands in the center of the mound, which means he does throw across his body in order to hit any spot down the middle or to the outside corner (on a righty). Hee probably has no problems hitting the inside corner though. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it does give him a bit of deception to his pitch by hiding the ball until very late in his delivery, it’s just not the most efficient mechanics.

I don’t generally grade mechanics.

Kyle he is a product of wolforths camps so I thought you might have something to say and I would appreciate any insight.

Good question on which side of the rubber to stand on, do most RHP throw from the right side? Would a fastball catch too much of the plate when throwing to the outside corner from that angle?

In addtion I am looking for thoughts on this hip movements, forward load, and seperation? I feel like he has lost some seperation here lately and his FB velocity flucations seem to indicate the same.

From what I could see, I would focus on separation. That seems to be the main issue that I’m seeing.

I think for a sophmore he looks good, getting strength and smartly adding weight, along with not over-using him is where I stand. I don’t “grade” mechs really either, I look for flaws (The stride thing is kinda moot as it’s not a game situation imo) and make recommendations for next steps.
He has all of the components, I assure you as he gets strength he’ll alter, but for now…solid basis for quality…keep him focused, always first, starting with grades, then conditioning. Keep asking and showing…never seen that hurt.

This could very well be attributable to strength and conditioning also, consider that in order for consistency, you have to reproduce your mech, if you have poor conditioning, you’re only able to do it so long and then both location and velo consistency follow quickly.


After attending the Wolforth camps, is there any followups? Can you send them/him videos for a followup analysis for review and suggestions?

BR nah there is really not any follow up, at the last camp we went to back in Dec they mentioned starting up an online coaching type deal where you could send in video for feedback, but not sure that ever got off the ground.

Strength and flexibility are two issues we will hit hard this summer, in fact my plan is to skip travel ball this year. It is impossible to work on those things in addition to mechanics while pitching 2-3 times a week…plus trying to gain weight will a busy traveling schedule is tough. I feel like he really needs to gain 25 solid pounds.

I have on video at the house his last assessment done by Ron that I will see about posting on here.

Again appreciate the feedback everyone.

Smart move…get him an SAT study guide too :smiley:

Turn 22, Coach Paul, Nyman, anyone else, thoughts?

Missed this thread somehow. I will take a look at the video when I get home from practice :wink:

I think your son has solid mechanics. I’ll give you a couple of small issues that are noticeable and correctable.

1- At leg lift he rotates the front leg back a little too much. He may want to come up straight with the leg, get his front hip moving to the catcher, and then tuck and close off the leg as he moves forward. This is minor, as he does not swing it back as dramatically as a lot of young pitchers I see.

2- Because of the first issue, I think his lead leg is taking over and moving fast. So its breaking his front hip sooner, which is why he is opening up a little early. Again, I think this is minor and will be corrected if he gets his front hip out sooner at leg lift.

3- This is the main issue that I see. He is not driving into FF strike with the back leg. It looks as though his back leg collapses and then he internally rotates his knee, shin, ankle, and foot down.

As JD mentioned, this could be a strength as opposed to a mechanical issue

Thanks BR. When you say strength, what does one specifically work on to address the issue you are seeing?

Does he weight train yet? Do you you know his one rep max on the bench, squat, deadlift, power clean?

id say 155 bench,squat 185, dead lift not sure maybe 200, power clean 150 ish. He played football through his freshman year after starting weight training his 8th grade year. He isn’t weak but definitely needs to improve those numbers a lot this summer. He hasn’t lifted at all since the season started down here at end of jan.