16 yr old looking for mechanics suggestions


Evan is 16 throwing 82-84 but looking to make a jump in velo. Particularly wondering about leg lift, momentum, flying open and increasing stride to improve closer release point. Any suggestions?


Watch youurself in slow mo. Its all in your legs. Take a look at Chapman or another Mlb player. First thing is your step, a little sweeping. Get your body moving to your target. Step heel then toe. Get your back leg to full extension just as your front heel touches down. I would work on. A longer front step if you can. Lastly keep your front leg a little stiffer, your linear motion is being absorbed by that leg before it can get to the ball. Your upper body looks great. Hip and shoulder seperation look gooD. Fully extend that back leg, long stride, heel to toe, and you should be even faster


Pitcher does not start moving his center of mass forward until after peak of knee lift. That’s late. Try getting the hips moving forward at peak of knee lift. Once comfortable with that, try moving forward before peak of knee lift. This will generate more momentum and should increase stride length. A good goal is a stride length of 6-7 of the pitcher’s shoe length. Alternately, a good goal is a back foot drag line of 2 shoe lengths.


I like most of what chardjr said except the heel then toe foot strike. That seems more like reaching to increase stride. That type of stride gain will lower the torso and make that front leg even more of a shock absorber rather than a conductor of energy. What Roger suggests will yield stride length of a more beneficial type. I’d definitely not be turning back toward 2B or SS during the lift. That’s ultimately going to reduce potential stride length and cancels momentum from the lift. I’d like to see a front view to see the landing leg position. It seems, from this angle, that he lands with the knee to the 3b side of vertical.


Thanks for your insight. I will upload a front view later today or tomorrow!


Front view of 16 yo mechanics