16 yo mid 70's fb mechanics advice

Hello, could someone give some advice about my son’s back leg? It seems to come off the ground too early and he drives his back knee forward. This seems to put a lot of weight over his plant leg and makes him smaller. He is 6’ and 190lbs.


Looks to me like he’s got some posture issues and lacks early momentum.

Get him to keep his head upright (eyes level) and start moving his center of mass (butt or hips) forward prior to peak of knee lift. Work on these a while and see what effect they have on the back leg.

I’ve seen this kind of thing in guys who really pull with their front side to try get more power our of the back side - think catapult. In this case, it doesn’t really look like he’s pulling real hard with the front side; however, the result is the same:

  • the head and shoulders tilt toward 1B

  • the release is back around his head instead of out in front of his head

  • no back side stability/support with the legs.

I agree with Roger that he needs to work on keeping his head/shoulders level. For this player, it will cause his arm slot to appear to lower; however, if you look at where is arm is in this video and mentally tilt him to where his head is level you’ll see that is what his normal arm slot really is.

Some good comments above. He never gets on top of his stride leg. It’s certainly an early momentum thing and he also retracts his glove side forearm to his body. Let the body go to the glove. Those two things look like he’s driving backward toward the mound during his follow through. Early aggressive forward momentum should be a focus for him and not reaching or pulling with the front side. His current delivery only starts AFTER his lift is completed. That’s too late, in my opinion. I’m not concerned about the lifting of the drive foot because he will keep it lower if he fixed the early momentum issue and gets up on his front leg.

When he breaks, he stays straight up. His front stride leg is way too short. Lengthen that by having him bend/buckle the back foot knee when he picks his front leg up. Once his leg picks up, he should be, for the most part, generating movement to home plate. When he bends his back knee, that will cause more momentum/motion to home. Let that happen, and let his front leg reach a bit more. He looks slow in his movement from the stretch, as if he is trying to hard to throw strikes. Stop worrying about strikes and get to better mechanics which will allow him to throw more strikes at higher velocities without thinking about it.