16 Year Old

I posted clips of my son as a 14 year old. Curious as to thougts about progress since.

It would be easier to comment if you used a high speed camera to video your son.

Casio makes some inexpensive still cameras that can shoot video at 200-300 frames per second.

You and your son will see a lot more with one of these cameras.

So will we.


I agree. I borrowed the camera I used in this instance and was diappointed when I saw the results. If I can get a better video, I will post it soon.


A Pitcher’s Back Shoulder position determines to what degree a Pitcher uses his Eyes to produce a productive release point. With tilted Shoulders, a Pitcher needs a number of batters to consistently find their target. On the MLB level, Pitchers can’t afford to experiment with even one batter to find their target.

The upper echelon MLB Pitchers either …

    - possess world class Eye/Hand coordination. This motion is not very teachable. or
    • keep their Shoulders much more horizontal than you see your Son’s and use their Eyes to compliment, not drive, a productive Throwing Hand Arm slot. This is an extremely teachable, as well as productive. motion.
    The first adjustment to change your Son’s Shoulder orientation from tilted to more horizontal involves making a minor adjustment to his Front Foot position in his Starting Position.
      By bringing his Front Foot to the Second Base side of his Front Knee in his Starting Position, your Son will find himself putting less effort into each motion and, at the same time, he’ll immediately improve his ball control.
    After mastering this new Front Foot position, my next step would be combining his Front Foot movement into his Starting Position with a Hand movement to activate his Core prior to his Separation.

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Would what you suggest inhibit him from leading with his hip? It seems to me that that is what causes the shoulder tilt. Is starting the hip to the plate a bad thing?