16 year old trying to play collage

Yeah im a 16 year old sophmore

  1. play collage ball and eventually pro ball(how dosent)
  2. throw 87-90 as a senior
  3. Just be the best i can be.

Size: 6’2 190
Pitches: 2seam 4seam, 12-6 curve, change-up ( work in progress )
velocity: fastball HUGE range ( 75-85) mostly (78-81) curve ( 67 and down)
change ( 67 and down)
60 time (IM a slower big guy lol) 7.6
vertical: actually good for my size around 30 inches I candunk sometimes lol

Thursday-threw a start not a very good game 5 inn. 6 ER against a good team but battled through and kept my team in it. but we still lost
Friday-didnt throw just ran and used strech cords.
Saturday- went to collage station and saw the softball game. Long tossed to 150 feet i was thorwing pretty good on a line