16 year old throwing 90 {I had to face him}

there is a 6 foot 4 inch pitcher from my area and wow he was nasty he was throwing 91 tops TO ME. It is amazing to see how fast a 90 mph closed up really is. Getting to 80 is going to be a long road this off-season. I pray I get to be that big one day and dominate like he does.

Well I did almost catch up to the 16 year olds 90 mph pitch but i’m kinda happy I walked and didn’t get plunked by that raw heat.


How was his control and his other pitches? Actually I suppose he dont need any other pitches right now.

control was below average but when it was on unhittable. Slider WAS DIRTY.

I batted against a AA pitcher who threw 91. His slider was so wicked.
I couldnt hardly get the bat around by the time the ball was past me. I didnt think to open my stance (its usually closed) but still. His slider on the 1-2 pitch made me reach out so far I swung a foot over the ball.
Made me look ugly.

Kid in my son’s HS league was hitting 95 mph as a 16yo junior a couple years ago with a nasty curve. He threw strikes but didn’t have great command. He was their #2 pitcher. #1 was a senior throwing low 90s with good command and good off speed stuff.


i knew 3 pitchers under 17 throwing 90+ personally … sad thing is… when they hit 20 they have so many arm problems. 1 had got tommy john … and now has a rotator cuff injury. sad…