16 year old sophmore- Please Critique!

some people just seems to be relax when they pitch around the mound

such as Tom glavine

i like your stride distance (good stride distance )

and how you finish (stand still after you release your pitches, very good, unlike some MLB pitchers always off their blanace)

keep practicing and aim to locate your pitches at both bottom corner of the strike zone

once you reach to 88- 90 mph with a change up when you are mature

you will have opportunity to play in MLB and have good results

dont change your pitching mechanics when you grow up please ~~~

all the best ^^ very good pitching mechanics

these are my updated mechanics… i have been working everyday on leading with my hip as well as becoming more explosive. Also working on my hip-shoulder separation.

i really don’t know how to describe it, but i feel like i am not transferring my weight efficiently.

side view updated

back view updated

any help/criticism is appreciated everyone.

Weight transfer. I can’t see anything wrong with your weight transfer, but you have to believe what your body is telling you. So…I did notice that on the second pitch from the back view, your left ankle twisted slightly to the left on landing, like landing on uneven ground. Maybe a little groundskeeping would solve the problem! Another thing, and this is just a thought, you are doing nicely in leading with your hips, but maybe you are bringing your upper body into play a fraction of a second too soon. An illustration is to think of going swimming for the first time in the spring. Around here, you’d better check the water temp before jumping in! Do this with your left toe, but hold back your upper body until your toe says the water temp is OK, then go!
Earlier in this thread, jimster mentioned the, “hitch,” in your arm. It’s still there, and as he said some guys can get away with this but they are monsters. A way to get rid of this is to have your hand with the ball swing a few inches from right to left at the bottom of your backswing creating a small arc, or “U,” then smoothly go into your delivery to the plate. Best wishes, your looking good!

thanks for your reply!

ya that hitch is something i have been really trying to get rid of but its difficult.

i will be trying your method as it all ready feels natural.
Doesn’t it look like I kind of drift home after my leg lift instead of exploding?
That is what a lot of people tell me.

thanks again

Drift: Good observation by somebody. It looks to me like this is the result of where you position your left foot just before you go into your delivery. Your heels look to be 12 to 14 inches apart, which would make your balance point around 6 or 7 inches in front of your right foot, so when you pick up your left foot your body moves (drifts) toward the left.
You can correct this drift by setting your left foot closer to your right during your pre delivery routine. How close? Well, that is up to you. Koufax (my standard of excellence) positioned his feet about 2 inches apart. Other pitchers, somewhat more than that, but less than you do.
Take a look at your own videos and see what you think. Best wishes to you in achieving your goal!