16 year old sophmore- Please Critique!

height: 5 ft 8
weight: 160
please let me know what you think i could improve upon in my mechanics. thank you. ( this is about 50% pitch effort.)

Front view

Side view

Back view


I hate to break it too you, but copying chapmans wind up step will not add any mph to your fastball.

What he does well is that he’s smooth throughout his motion. He uses the odd step to gear himself up for the rest of his motion. It’s not really something you should try and mimic.

Onto your motion. To me it looks like you go from 100mph in the beginning and then slow way down when you actually throw. The opposite should be true. You should be more controlled and then explode. Don’t aim the ball. It seems that you may be doing that.

You need to throw with some authority! Get more aggressive!
You also hitch with your arm when it gets to it’s lowest point. Some guys can get away with that, but most of those guys are giants.

Other guys can chime in, but that’s what I saw.

Overall you looked good though. You have no huge mechanically flaws, just some things you need to fix. I may be wrong, so I’ll let the other people on here comment.

I’m not expert, so take what I say and only apply what you want.

thanks i appreciate your feedback. after i look at it, it does appear i slow down my speed of movement after my leg kick.
What do you mean by "hitch "in my arm motion?

[quote=“yankeeslayer88”]thanks i appreciate your feedback. after i look at it, it does appear i slow down my speed of movement after my leg kick.
What do you mean by "hitch "in my arm motion?[/quote]

To me it looks like at the last second(so after the leg kick) you slow down and aim the ball.

Your arm is not continuously moving, it stops(hitches) for a split second. You elbow full extends and locks out.

i don’t know how else to explain it.


Whereever you’re from. You have some nice fields(I watched your older video on youtube). Very jealous of you. :x

Post a video of you throwing 100%, your mechanics will look drastically different.

here is me throwing 100%- side view
again, i greatly appreciate the feedback guys.

[quote=“HartfordHawks13”]Post a video of you throwing 100%, your mechanics will look drastically different.[/quote] :applause: Amen.

You are a strong young man with a good arm and should be able to do well in high school ball.
A couple of suggestions that I can offer are in reguards to your back foot and your hips.
Back foot. I noticed that you tend to pivot on your back foot during delivery from a parallel to the rubber position to one in which your heel angles toward the plate, and your toe angles away. This makes your delivery more difficult and your arm has to correct for this. Most big league pitchers position their back foot in front of and parallel to and touching the rubber. Sandy Koufax who maintained that your back foot was the single most important factor in pitching, positioned his back foot with his heel on the rubber and his toe angled slightly toward the plate and a bit off the rubber. The angle was critical.
Hips. In your delivery you keep your upper body above your hips during most of your delivery and this again makes your arm do most of the work.
Koufax (again) said, “Guys, you have to lead with your hips.” If you can get your hips out in front you create a slingshot effect when your upper body comes through and snaps your arm forward with much greater speed.
Take a look at Koufaxs’ delivery in slow motion in five video clips running in slow motion and at the same time and watch his back foot and hips.


Make sense?

Good luck in your high school career!

You have a really nice look and style, good balance and intent to throw. I like the way you get flat at the end and that you have your wrist properly across the opposite knee. My question is what are you looking for, more velocity? Better accuracy? I think you know you have nice mechanics where are you trying to go?

Homer- Thanks i appreciate it. I actually try to pick up and study lot’s of koufax video. this foot position is insane as i could not have figured it out without you telling me. In Jane Leavy’s book about Koufax, “Leftys Legacy”, she attempts to describe it but i didn’t really understander her.

If you have any pictures of a pitcher with his foot positioning or really leading with his hips, that would be GREATLY appreciated sir.

BuWhite- thanks a lot as well… i am looking for more velocity as i currently sit 78-82. I am looking to pitch d 1 college. My goal for this year is to sit 81-85 for next spring as a junior.

Take a look at some trevor bauer clips. He presets his foot position and does a great job of leading with the hips.

side view

Front View

The first video is me trying to lead with my hips more like you all recommended. I also tryed changing my foot placement as well like Homer suggested.

Let me know what you all think-Thanks

The best video of back foot positioning is in the group of Koufax that I gave the link to in my earlier post. There are five videos running in slow motion at the same time. The one I am looking at is the top one. You can also access them through "pitching clips.com.“
I just want to be sure we’re looking at the same things.
Another photo showing leading with hips is in the new book, “Driving Mr. Yogi.” It is of Ron Guidry, and shows his hips well out in front during delivery. Guidry is 5’ 10”, and 150 lbs, and was throwing at about 96, so a smaller guy can do it.
To practice leading with the hips try this yourself. It can be done anywhere, in the house, on the mound or whatever. I guess I would try it inside first so your buddies don’t laugh at you. Stand up straight, holding a ball in your right hand with your arm, hand and ball straight down against your right side. Now, keep your head directly over your right foot and slowly move the ball straight down to a position an inch or two below your right knee.
To do this, you are going to have to move your hips to the left and also bend your right knee. You may have to hang on to something with your left hand to keep from falling over. Now when you get the ball down there you will be leading with your hips. Your head, the ball and your back (right) foot
should be more or less on the same vertical line. Try this a few times, a little faster, then when the concept sinks in, take it outside and work it into your delivery. During your leg kick, your left knee, hands with ball and glove all meet around your waist. Then your left leg begins to extend out and swings toward the plate. Your right hand and ball drop to the below the knee point, then swings back as far as you can reach and your off!

Oh, in the leading with your hips exercise, I neglected to mention that this should be done standing on your right foot only. Pretty obvious, but I thought I should point that out. As always, what I say is my view only. If it helps, great. If not, move on to something else. You are your own best advisor.
A D1 college career is a great target. How are your grades in HS?

thanks i appreciate all of the output. I have a 4.4 gpa right now so ya its pretty good haha.

Im really focused on baseball though. i have been doing the drill and i really do feel my hips leading. Thank you very much, i will update a video by this sunday on my altered mechanics.

Great GPA :clapping: , don’t neglect the SAT/ACT.

You should have had your gf/sister/whoever shoot you from behind the plate also…you were rushing and that alters the mech.

The excercise that Homer is describing is the Herschieser Drill, search it on YouTube. I think your mech is good for your age. A couple of things I’d mention to you. First…go over to the Logs forum and look up Lanky Lefty’s log…he has attained the goal you’ve stated (Pitching for a D-1) his journey to reach higher speeds and attain his goal is very informative. The second is repeatability, I’d work towards that end, using momentum has rewards but also trade offs, realize that your accuracy is dependant critically on your ability to repeat your mechanics, I am not advocating you change anything, I’m recommend you work towards the goal of repeatability.
Are you playing for a summer team? It may be worth considering at this point…but balance your rest cycles and make certain you rest for at very least a month (Many recommend 2 or more…if you can) before next school year…and what I mean by rest is to remain active and athletic, just don’t throw at full force from a mound. It is best to get away from the field and do other activities.
Your dedication and effort is what will decide for you…focus is important, don’t let yourself get distracted.

And on that hook…you are lolly-popping it, if you want it to snap tighter, pull down hard as you release (What I mean is your shoulder doesn’t appear to finish the pitch)…the first several times it will snap off at 56’ but as you work it, I think you’ll find a tight and unhittable hook in that arm, it will be a great compliment to a well located fb.

Thank you i will do that shortly… and yes i am we will be playing in four to five tournaments this summer. Are you saying snap off the curve ball as hard as i throw my fastball but with the Grip and wrist action?

I have been doing the drill a lot and will update new video on Saturday after my travel team scrimmage.
thanks everyone

As you reach extension the thought is “pull down”, you throw a competent loopy hook, go back and look at your arm through delivery, if you improve your posture in the delivery the improvement will occur but as I said, pull down, it will create more rotation and the thing will bite down pretty good…more like in the zone movement instead of “nose to toes”

Congrats on your lofty GPA. College is in your future.