16 year old RHP from CT


I guess I should’v posted an intro first? Anyway here’s my info

16 yr old
200 lb
bat/throw righthanded
fastball velo in the 75-80 mph range
also have a 2seam fb, circle change and slider

This year I’m playing my first year of legion ball and I just hope this website and the people on it can help me get better this year. My main goals as a pitcher this year are as follows:

  2. gain control on circle change so i can use it as a weapon to get hitters out
  3. increase velo on fb

I’ll try to get a profile pic up soon and hopefully put some videos up as well as the year progresses




Yep, welcome!


Excellent goals. Welcome.


Got my first practice with Legion in a couple of hours. Never been this excited for a practice!


Enjoy it. It’s the most fun you will have playing baseball to this point.


first practice went ok and i got another one tonight . threw a 30 pitch bullpen. i’m still having trouble controlling the circle change. i threw it 15/30 times and bounced it about 8-10 times. the times that i did hit the catchers glove i kinda felt like i was aiming it and my arm speed slowed down. i believe it was @CoachPaul who recommended 90+ feet throws using circle change. i did that and i’m still having trouble. i’m not at all saying its bad advice i just think it might take a little while. anyway, i’m pitching this tuesday in our first game and i’m REALLY gonna need my changeup to work. Any tips on how to get control of it that quickly or maybe an alternate pitch that is easily learned?


A good change is possibly the hardest pitch to learn. It takes time.


Yeah i might just have to go with a 4seam 2seam and curve till i get the change up down. funny thing is my change up last year worked fine never had any problems but this year its like, wow


Hey, we’re pretty similar in a lot of aspects,(height, pitches, age, etc.)
My change up is my best pitch. It took a while but I’ve been throwing it for a long time and play catch with it every day. It’s a feel pitch. There isn’t a right or wrong way to throw a change up. Heck you can throw a palm ball and get the same effect. I recommend playing catch. Make sure to keep your arm speed the same. A big part is having confidence in it. As a guy that doesn’t throw too hard I rely on my offspeed stuff a lot. It’s important to have confidence in yourself and your pitches. You’ll make some mistakes, everybody does. Just keep working. Just gotta get a feel for it. Keep working at it!


thanks for the advice bro! haha palmball might be my only hope cause i’m pitching this tuesday! haha


It takes a while to develop “feel” pitches like a change up. stick with it.
Also, be sure you are always throwing with a flat trajectory–no arc. Really try to drive that change up. Think that you want to throw the hardest change up on the planet :wink:
When you go to the mound/ bullpen, you want to try throwing it from a slightly reduced distance…set the catcher up in front of home plate and that will emphasize you throwing the ball low in the zone.


Is the circle change supposed to be thrown mainly with your index, middle, and ring finger? also, do you think a good forkball could work as a change up?


Mostly middle finger, but you can play around with various pressures with your index and ring finger and see what works best for you. When you center the ball with your middle finger and thumb, it’s much easier to pronate naturally.


Apparently I don’t have a curve. teammates and coaches are telling me its a slider, because i throw it hard and and it has more of a sharp turn, doesn’t really drop. so I’ll edit my intro



Practice your change up grip when you’re throwing/long tossing to help ingrain the feel of using fastball arm speed but a change up grip. For me, that was a huge help in developing a circle change.


i threw a 40 pitch bullpen saturday and i finally am getting control on my change up. just in time-i’m starting on the mound tomorrow.


So excited for tomorrow (opening game)! Coach just officially told me today that I’m pitching. Already feeling butterflies! Wish me luck