16 year old Pitching Mechanics

I took this video today. Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Three things

Lead with your hips, read about the Hersiesher drill

If your that over the top, try to change it. I don’t see how you can get any explosiveness that way.

Snap your hips harder.

I notice at :10 seconds you come up onto your toe in the post, I would like to see you stay tall and balanced on your foot more. Coming up on your toe probably is why you tend to ball up a little right there and your abs are probably doing a bunch of work to keep your balance. I would like to comment on the rest after you stay flat on your foot and stay taller then upload another video.

I will try to get one up tomorrow with me actually throwing and with my weight on the heel more during the leg kick. A pitching coach reccently changed my mechanics to not lean back as much…before I leaned back a little bit too much and it hindered me from reaching out as far to home and using my hips…which is where alot of mph are. So I am trying to get comfortable with my weight more over my knees than back behind them like I was doing. That is probably why too much weight is on my toes now.

Be careful, the weight shouldn’t be in the heal at all, the weight should be on the ball of the foot but when you come up on the foot is the issue I see. I will be looking forward to your next video. Good Luck.,

About the first comment, I’m pretty sure I release more from the side when I am actually pitching because I feel alot of whiplash and releasing the ball out in front. And thanks for the help about leading with my hips. I am just now getting back from hurting my lower back so I working on getting alot stronger there.

I didnt mean heel. I meant just not as much on the toes. Haha. And thanks. I should have one up tomorrow.

Great, I was just trying to absolutely make sure, I will take a look later today.