16 year old pitcher. need advice on mechanics

im a Junior in HS, 6’2’’ 170 lbs. Need some advice to improve. pay attention to only the begining of the video’s mechanics until about 3:18 because the later one’s are old. starts out in a frame by frame and switches to full speed. fastball sits 83-86

Your bent over pitching cycle in the beginning of your setup, contributes to your head being pulled off target, your chest pushing out to compensate for your initial bending over, and finally your off balance delivery at the end of your release - again, is due to your bending over at your start.

This bending at the waist is an effort on your part to “load up” your energy for everything else that follows. Just the reverse is happening. Everything else that follows is trying to balance itself off, thus giving up a lot of control and composure on your part.

Now the tricky part here is that you’re not doing this to the extreme all the time. Just enough to impress this style on you later on as you get bigger and stronger. Thus your body will get use to it and in turn be part of your overall way of pitching. THERE IN is a big problem, very big.

Wether due to your physical immaturity or the lack of instruction, I would strongly suggest that you change this posture, or suffer discomfort, and later on pain - in the lower back, base of the neck, and abdominal muscles.

Start off with your chin over the glove shoulder and keep it there until you plant that stride foot. (like you do many times in the video) Stay in a more upright posture, keep your shoulders UP and level, drive that glove shoulder towards your catcher with the intention of “burying” that shoulder into the catcher. Control your glove with the glover arm extended slightly towards your catcher - DON”T stop that glove hand out in front of you drifting towards the third baseline, but straight towards the catcher. Make sure the thumb of your glove is pointing straight down, with the pocket section facing slightly towards the first baseline. Do this consistently until it’s second nature to you.

You seem to be very strong and athletic. So, what I suggest here should take advantage of those assets. Go slow at first and get use to it.

Delivery motions like yours impress subtle flaws that build once you get a lot bigger and stronger. I’ve seen pitchers of a much more mature age continue to pitch like you are doing now, only to have control problems later on during a game, do to fatigue and stress loads on the body’s core. Also, they tend to get more upright as their appearance goes on (because of fatigue) - thus opening a can of worms of being predicable and being hit with greater frequency.

I would also suggest to strengthen your legs. Your stride leg could be just a bit more extended, thus when you plant your stride foot and drive forward, you stride leg’s keen and hips act like hinges for the entire upper body to bend and steady on. Currently as I see it, you’re what we call " a walker". That’s a pitcher who looks like he’s going for a long walk with his leg’s and less of a control stride to his delivery. However, at your young age, that’s very common - even expected.

Below is a posting a I made a while ago for another youngster - but with different issues. Perhaps this will help suggest what I’m trying to explain here.

In any event, this media is very limited in the narration sense - so take to the field and use that athletic strength to work some of the disciplines that I suggested here. Also, think out more what your doing and reason for yourself. Keep a notebook of your accomplishments each stage of the way.

Again, you look very, very strong and confident - that’ll get you noticed big time. AND, don’t neglect a nutrition scheme that mirrors your expectations of yourself.

Coach B.