16 year old needs advice/program tweek. close to d1!

i’m a 16 year old pitcher who really hasn’t worked out too much. i see it as kind of an advantage because i hope to gain substantial velocity for next year with a good program. but i do throw almost year round and play on the top legion team in the city (yes, i throw the slowest on the team) but my accuracy and movement are my best attributes. i have been in contact with college coaches and they all say i have a possibility at d1. BUT I NEED TO THROW HARDER.

16 years old
6 foot
4seam 76-78
2seam 75-76
cutter 72
sinker 71
circle change 68
knucklecurve 69

heres my current program (that i’m about to start)

push day-
pushups to failure
decline pushups
tricep pushdown
dumbell military press
bosu ball pushups
skull crushers

pull day-
lat pulldown (regular and thin grip)
machine assisted rows
preacher curls
alternating bicep curls
free weight rows
forearm curls

lower/core day-
front squats
bosu ball squats
single leg squats
med ball core workouts

PLEASE HELP i need every edge i can get

Im sort of in the same situation as you are. Just a little older and a little more velo. What class are you?

Anyway, your program looks decent… I’m no expert but it looks like too many pushups, too many squats, and too many curls.

Here is what I suggest:

  • Bosu ball pushups, + DB Bench Press
  • Preacher curls, + Lateral raises (Shoulder and rotator cuff weights)
  • Bosu ball squats, - single leg squats, + Lunges, + Dead lift

Just suggestions, but deadlifts are a must!

Lay out your entire program, what you would do in a week and I will give some suggestions that has worked with a 16 year old I work with. I need to see what you do an what you dont do

Im a believer in compound movements for begginers focusing around the big 3 Squats, Deads, Bench but its different for a pitcher i prefer to stick away from machines entirely because theres so many more muscles involved using free weights and body weights then in a fixed motion of a machine.

I would do something like this

Right when i get to the gym
-Dynamic warm up

-4-6 min jog or jump rope

-Core Stability Training
Hold each for 30sec-1min good form
R. Side
L. Side
Back Bridge

-Bodyweight Finish
Perform all exercises non stop 2x through

Bodyweight Squats x 10r
Crunch x 10r
Pushups x 10r
Lower back extensions/superman’s x 10r

Thats my normal warm up before i even start my scheduled routine now ive tried out a push/pull/legs routine last summer and it worked well and i did something like this

Day 1

-DB chest Press (this is my main excericse for the day i pyramid up to a max of X weight for 6 reps i dont go lower then 6 reps on any excercise)
-Incline DB or BB press 4x10-12 reps
-Decline DB or BB press 4x10-12
-Dumbell Flyes 3x12-15
-Dips 3xFailure

Notice i dont do any direct tricep work im not a believer in tricep or bicep strength having any effect on velocity also you get enough tricep and bicep work during your push and pull days as is if your sticking to compound movements. Dips do hit your tris pretty good and any chest press does aswell

Day 2

Same warmup as stated

-Wide Grip Pullups 3x10-12 (in my opinion pullups are superior in every way to lat pulldowns it works a lot more of your body then lat pulldowns)
-One arm DB rows Pyramid up to X weight for 6 reps (same as DB bench this is my main excericse for the day i love it, and works wonders
-Chin Ups 4x8-10
-T-bar Rows 3x10-12
-Sometimes i throw in some bicep work at the end just to feel the pump

Day 3

Same warmup as stated

-Squats (the main workout for the day only need to do one form of squats per day front back whatever i pyramid up to 6 rep max like DB rows and DB bench)
-Lunges (every other week i will swap out Squats for lunges to mix things up same concept)

Leg Extensions 4x10-12
Leg Curls 4x10-12
Donkey Calf Raises 4x10-12

And thats it thats what i used to do worked well

monday-push and pull
thurs-push and pull

plus i do weighted ball everyday w/ 4,5,6 oz baseballs.

thanks for the replys guys

What do you mean by you do weighted balls everyday? You mean you throw with each every single day?

i throw 2:30-3 min with each ball in a specific order

it goes 5,6,5,4,5,6,5,4