16 Year Old Lefty Varsity Pitching Mechanics

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My Varsity season just started and I have been trying to increase my velocity. Fastball: 78-82. I was wondering if maybe my mechanics are limiting my body to throw faster.

Here are some videos:

Please tell me what you think.



Also, I need some tips on how to improve my accuracy, I have been in a little slump, and can’t seem to throw the ball over the plate.

Biggest issue from this angle is his front plant foot. Notice how he swivels on his front heel as he’s releasing his pitch? His toes fly open toward the 3B dugout. They should point to the target and generally stay there which allows the hips and lower body to brace against a firmer lower half. As a result, his hips keep opening and he’s losing power and, I suspect, this is where his accuracy issues are coming from. Start there, and we’ll get some more insight for you down the road here…

Thanks for pointing that out, i never noticed that. I will work on keeping on the ball of my toe instead of pivoting towards third base at my next few bullpen sessions.


As Steven has pointed out you are rotating on the front foot. If you look at the video you will see that your front knee also stays flexed and rotates. Your knee should at least slightly straighten (sometimes referred to as moving towards extension) and your torso should move over the front knee towards the mitt. I am unable to discern if perhaps you are slightly too closed on landing or if you are just too soft with the front knee. Otherwise you look pretty good and I think if you can stop the rotation you will have a more consistent release point (more control) and pick up a little velocity.

If you google the following you can find a pretty good discussion on foot placement on page 5 of the article.

Baseball throwing mechanics as they relate to pathology and performance – A review Rod Whiteley

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The only thing I might add is on the control issue. It appears you are falling off the mound on every pitch instead of staying balanced. Keep your body in balance and your momentum moving forward and you might find more success. I always found a brief pause at the top of my kick to help me get my balance and use my back leg more effectively. As a side benefit it made my pick off move much more effective. On the downside it made my delivery much slower. It’s a trade off.


Thanks for your tips, info. so far. I have been working on all of it at my practices. If you have anything else to add, just reply it down below.

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It also appears that the cause of you leaving your fastball up is your arm is slow getting to a cocked position. By this I mean that it is not up fully in the back as you begin to deliver the pitch, making it much harder for you to get on top of the pitch. It seems you try to throw harder by becoming more rotational with your front side than keeping all your momentum going towards home plate. A drill that helped me when I was having this problem was while playing catch was to point my glove elbow directly at my target and leave it there while throwing. It helped to reinforce the idea of taking my chest towards the glove rather than pulling the glove in. Hope that helps!


I definitely see where your coming from. I will work on that drill when i play catch everyday and hopefully that will make my core and lower body more upright and stable, resulting in increased velocity and accuracy.

You also seem to bring your upper body and head to your knee while lifting your leg, which causes your head to move around a fair amount. If you kept your upper body and head more straight up and down at leg lift, I think your control and velocity would improve.

Yeah I have always done that, it is one of the things i am trying to fix. Thanks for pointing it out.


Hey can anyone tell me the huge thing that is wrong with my mechanics. I know there is some little thing that I am doing wrong, and my velocity is suffering. Because I know I should be hitting consistent low 80’s.

To help with velocity, you should be long tossing as much as you can thru out the week. Make sure that when you are tossing, you have a good wide base, your front leg striding out as far as you can towards your partner without falling over, make sure glove arm is pointed at your target. Also, what I did for my pitchers during long tossing, was when they were about 150’ away from partner, go thru their windup and when they got to their balance point, hold it and hop 3 times and throw to their partner as if they were pitching. Try to throw on a line drive to your partner. long tossing will help your stamina and velocity

The two big things I see from this angle are:

  1. Your bracing leg is not firming up all the way through your delivery. You land well but then notice how your knee collapses - could be a functional strength issue.

  2. You break your hands too high - I like how you raise your arms up with your leg lift, but as you bring your leg down you should bring your hands down as well and break them closer to your belly button/belt. Holding on to the ball longer in your delivery will allow your body to get to full stretch before the transfer of energy to your arm and thus increases velocity.

You should really post a side view angle for additonal tips/analysis!

Hey guys,

Here is the most recent videos I have. I pitched really well the first inning. Second inning was horrible. Could anyone help point out the possible factors of why my second inning was so bad.


1st Inning

2nd Inning

One thing i noticed and it may not be much but do you tend to leave a lot of pitches up in the zone? I can see a possible problem in your mechanics that could lead to this. You deffinately come straight over the top but it seems that your realsing too early and not following through enough, not finishing over your front knee enough which could cause the balls to sail up. If you notice that you leave a lot of balls up in the zone this could be a cause of it try finishing more and realsing later working down in the zone is what you need to do to suceed.

good luck

Not trying to bash you augie, but IMO following through has very little impact on the where the ball is. From my experience the harder I try to follow through, the more likely it is for me to leave the ball up. I prefer to think of it more as trying to get your arm extended out front, thus causing you to follow through, rather than trying to follow through to get the ball down. If you can get on top of the pitch, and stay through it you will have a natural follow through. A drill that has helped me to work on this is to get out to about 75% of your stride length, flat ground or mound work, and while keeping your back foot in place, focus on throwing the ball into the ground about 6-8 feet in front of you. The follow through of your arm should be just to the outside of your knee. What this does is it lets you feel your release point while also getting your arm fully extended out in front of you in order to throw the ball into the ground while keeping the back foot down.

Hey guys.

I finally have a side view video for you guys. Once again ANY advice you could give me is beneficial to me. This is a inter-squad scrimmage game/practice for my 18U tournament team this summer. Video shows 2 solid innings of pitching. Only guy on base was from have a 0-2 count then missed way inside and hit the guys calf.


One word for you…TRIPOD. Seriously it only costs around $20 - $30 for a generic one but it makes all the difference in the world. Kids got me one for Christmas…worth every penny.

Oh, I know. My dad said next time he is bringing his. Still good pitching though.