16 Year Old Junior- Video Analysis

Hi. My name is Anthony Joo. I’m 5’10" and 160 lbs.

I was just wondering if there were anything that was holding me back from throwing with higher velocity and throwing with more command

(Note: I am aware that I am not leading with my hips which can be detrimental to my velocity. I’m currently working on the wall drill to improve leading with my hips)


Anthony how hard do you throw. Hogwash with leading with your hips, you don’t want to lead with your hips son. That causes you to go home earlier than you should. You have really good mechanics, it might come down to you maturity, as you get older your velocity will naturally go up, especially after you start long tossing more and working out. I would recommend watching some Tom House videos and Lance Wheeler videos on You Tube, they are the leading Pitching Gurus, you could learn a lot from watching them. Good luck let us know how you make out.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely check them out

high 70 mid 80

70-80 is very good for your age, don’t try and rush throwing harder. Like I said you have very sound mechanics, as you get older and mature physically and gain strength your velocity will go up. Velocity is a God given thing, you’ll peak at whatever velocity you’re going to peak at, there’s no magic pill to help you gain velocity. Very good those are the two guys I put a lot of stock into. I use a lot of their stuff for my College Pitchers. Good luck let me know how you make out.

thank you! i will make sure to let you know

Tom House created the Hershiser drill which certainly is about leading with the hips. I believe he also coined the term “power angle” which measures the distance the hips travel towards home between a pitcher’s set position and the peak of his knee lift with larger angles generally considered better.

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