16 Year Old from Indiana Needs Input

This is in slow motion but you get the effect, please input welcome but be preofessional about it.

The bottom half is along for the ride, velocity will stop/not increase significantly until he coordinates bottom and top and combines them in an efficient manner. Also the concept of “intent”, look into it and see if this kid can’t incorporate some-o-dat into his delivery.

what drills can he do to start using more lower half?

Hershiser drill - focus on getting the hips moving forward earlier in the knee lift. This is really a timing adjustment.

It’s not that old, and it is indeed extremely pertinent. Once again we’re talking about “The Secret”—something I learned many moons ago from watching how the Yankees’ Big Three pitching rotation did it. I used to go to the original Yankee Stadium, and I saw what those pitchers were doing and how they were doing it; they were all driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous—and seamless—motion, creating a nonstop flow of energy from bottom to top and getting more power into their pitches (even Ed Lopat who was not a fireballer). The shoulder and arm were all just going along for the ride—which is what it should be. I saw just how they were doing it—this was long before the component called the “Hershiser drill”—and I made a note of it and started working on it on my own; as I practiced this essential element of good mechanics—and believe me, it IS essential—I found myself doing exactly what those three pitchers were doing, and although I was not and never would be a rip-roarin’ fireballer I wound up throwing harder and faster with less effort: and not a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore elbow or a sore anything else!!!
As jdfromfla describes it, this young pitcher has been putting the cart before the horse. He needs to learn that the two halves of the body have to be coordinated and that the hips are the connection, so a good place to start would be with the Hershiser drill, which requires no special equipment, just a fence or a wall. Once he establishes this connection, he’ll be on his way to achieving his objectives on the mound.

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