16 Year old - 81-83 MPH

Frankly Brett he looks like he isn’t putting much behind what he’s throwing…now stylistically he looks pretty…but is this his game approach?

It’s a tricky question because, well, I’m not sure! I feel like he is pretty “effortless” in his delivery but sometimes gets too slow and tries to be too “pretty” and “mechanically perfect” rather than generating whip etc.

He pitched this weekend and was 81-82 consistently. I feel like he’s got a couple more MPH in there currently (Everyone probably does), maybe it is from not getting enough momentum down the mound and trying to be too “perfect”??

The kid needs to look into Nymans concept of intent…not that Paul engineered the thought but he linked it to velocity development and this kid In my opinion would benefit greatly, have him go to our Logs Forum and look at the path that Lanky Lefty took…much to learn from that…