16 y/o RHP

I finally took the time to put a video up. Tell me what you think. I think this particular series started with a man on third, followed by two walks (yikes!) and then two strikeouts.

This sounds like what a number of major league pitchers have done—walk the bases loaded and then strike out the side. Of course, they nave done this deliberately; you probably didn’t mean to do it, but as long as you got the side out without being scored on—I guess we’ll just have to call you “Houdini”, like a Yankee reliever named Dave Robertson who got that nickname because he gets into and out of scrapes! 8) :slight_smile:


That’s a good nickname, but to be honest I’d rather not have it! I hope you understand :lol:

Any other opinions? On a side note, would anyone like to guess my velocity purely from my mechanics? Closest guess gets a cookie.



Sorry for keeping you guys in the shadows. I was planning on getting gunned today but we didn’t pitch. I’ve heard mid-80’s; my guess is probably around that range. Does anybody have any suggestions that can help me get to 90? If it helps, the throws were are I am most warmed up and closest to optimum mechanics are near the end (last pitch is a curveball.)

I look forward to your responses.

You seem to have great mechanics, but I will adress your question about getting to 90.
The one thing I see that may help with velocity is more powerful and full followthrough.
This doesn’t mean go try to bend more today when you throw, but do some flexability work with you legs and hips.
Also, the easiest way to get to 90 without changing mechanics? Have a great changeup in your pocket.
I witnessed a senior college pitcher who threw 80-81 lead his team to their regional tournament and recieve an all amercian award. How? He had a big time changeup that made great hitters swing embarassingly late on his less-than-fastball.
Just something to think about.
Good luck

look at your landing position. You stay closed relatively well but your shoulders are tilted way back towards 2B. You can’t rotate effectively from this position…you want your shoulders more or less level at landing so you can get a good axis of rotation…even the pitchers who have a lot of tilt like felix or pettite still manage to get their shoulders relatively level at landing and “get over their front side” rather than “throw uphill” to use commonly thrown around terms.

I think there is some merit to it though…if you start in landing position and drop your back shoulder towards 2B to create that tilt, it is nearly impossible to rotate from this position and release the ball out in front. Instead, you get a linear movement - a forward flexion of the trunk, a forward drive/bending of the back knee and then a last second attempt to rotate at release once it is already too late.

For you, I’d experiment a little bit with getting your weight shift going earlier. Something as simple as having more of your weight shifted towards your front foot when you come set will help keep your shoulders more level and may help you rotate better and finish more out in front.


Thanks for the feedback. I agree that I don’t follow through much with the lower half. I attribute this to the fact that I do a poor job implementing my backside (my entire lower body in general) into my delivery. I’m actually using Lincecum/Bauer as a model and am trying do get a bigger “sit” and “step over move.” Once I get that going, I’m confident my velocity will go up a bunch.

As far as your comment regarding the changeup goes, I understand the merits of effective velocity but as a junior RHP pitcher I really need to show college coaches that I can bring some real velocity to the table. I have a big academic showcase in August and I know topping around 89-90 would guarantee me some offers. This isn’t to discredit your idea, but as we all know coaches are obsessed with velocity these days :roll:


Nice observation;I didn’t see that slight tilt. I’ll take video from various angles to see exactly what I’m dealing with in that regard. Greater rotation-potential plus a mastering of that step-over move would definitely make me much more efficient. Who would you recommend as a model for me?

BTW, thanks for sending me that BWBK program. It’s been working out pretty well for me so far.

I like mariano rivera as a model for you

That seems to work pretty well since we’re about the same size. I think my arm action is a bit longer though.

as you followthrough,
you should stand still and face the catcher in a straightline