15yr old mechanics


My son is Noah and is having a few elbow issues. Kind of weird but its on the back of the elbow. I was looking for help to see if you could see any mechanics issues that maybe contributing to it. Here is the link to my YouTube video and he is the one closest in the video in a dark colored shirt.


It’s very difficult to tell with this angle but perhaps his shoulders are not square when his forearm is laid back. From this video it seems that his throwing shoulder is rear of his front shoulder when it’s fully laid back. It may be from not getting through and clearing with his front shoulder which is leaving the throwing shoulder with no where to go.

I would appreciate someone else taking a look.

Also, any chance of a side view camera mounted at your landing position? This would allow me to tell if this is just an optical illusion or if your throwing side is lagging.


One thing this pitcher does that can lead to elbow pain (although not necessarily back of the elbow pain) is he pulls his glove. Pulling the glove usually results in early shoulder rotation which causes the arm to have to play “catch up”. Furthermore, it prevents efficient transfer of energy from the shoulders to the arm effectively making him throw with mostly arm only.

Once he extends the glove out front, he should swivel and stabilize the glove in front of his torso and somewhere above the front foot while his body moves towards his glove.


Prior to his pitching sessions, what does he do to prepare? He looks rather stiff in the shoulders and his lower body does not compliment his upper body.

How can I tell that his lower body is acting independently? Watch his stride foot upon lading, then watch that foot as his finishes his release. It lands off center to his pitch direction, then quickly slides/shuffles off to his right. I would suggest reasons and other things to correct that, but for right now he should address that discomfort and pain in his elbow.

My suggestion would be to shut down for 2 weeks, apply warm compresses to the area of concern, when he comes home from school every two hours, and continue that application over the weekends. Also, after each warm compress (towel), rub with a liniment like Absorbine Jr. Then, start with another warm compress (towel) and repeat with liniment, and give the arm a rest. To continue with the issue of discomfort by using a compression wrap - like in the video ,is not helping the matter.

After a 2 week period, do a light set of reps with a 2 lb. weight only - bicep curls and triceps pushes. If your son still encounters the same issues with his elbow, its time to call in the medical professional.

If he doesn’t have elbow issues after his 2 week shutdown, that pitching coach in the video should be conducting a “preseason” conditioning program that gets your son in the swing of things for the season.

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