15yr old Freshman LHP

I’ve been on this site for some time now and finally have a small video of my son to post…so figured I’d share. I realize it is just four pitches and from the front, through a net at that, but feel free to offer up any pros and cons you see. All 4 pitches were fastballs with the last 3 hitting 80, 80 & 81 on the gun. Don’t mind the guy on the phone you hear on the video…heaven forbid you can get clean audio…lol.

Wow…not one comment positive or negative. I know it is a small sample but a “he looks pretty good” or a “he needs to use his legs more” or some kind of comment might be nice…lol.


Steve Ellis - I’d love to know what you think being from the area. As a 15yr old freshman how does he stack up with other pitchers from New England that you’ve seen or worked with? I know 81 might not be a big deal in different parts of the country but for NE is that solid in your opinion?

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I like what I’m seeing, high knee, long stride, glove hand high. Excellent!


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He looks very solid theres always a little tweaks to be made but his mechanics look smooth and consitent in those 4 pitches. Hes only a fresheman so with proper arm care and strength building that MPH on his fastball could easily reach high 80’s i was sitting high 70’s freshman year and with some good instrutction and lifting im now sitting 85-88.

I go to school in new england aswell however our conference is pretty weak and not much lefties in it but i can compare to a guy we saw last year a junior LHP throwing upwards of 88, 89 with decent command good cruve and decent change up and he is going D1 to an ACC school, so i think from what ive seen and the potential for Velocity gain and maturity with other pitches the sky is the limit.

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I think he looks solid. I like his velocity…he looks like he’s reaching back for some extra juice. Small tweakable stuff, like his front side might get a bit more stable and he can certainly work in some more velocity out of his bottom half…but for a frosh this kids got it goin on! really good work guys!
I see nothing but ups for this guy. Grades grades grades…but you’ve heard me preach that too, but it gives him the very best options.


Thanks for the kind words…he is a work in progress. It is really only his second full year as a true front line pitcher and his first season after working with a pitching coach. I agree that his front side could be more stable…he tends to collapse the front leg at times or over rotate on his foot plant. Another thing is his arm slot. He tends to lose it at times during a game. Yesterday’s results would show that as in the first two innings he struck out the first two batters and then proceeded to lose his arm slot and walk the next two batters (3-2 counts on each one) before inducing a weak grounder from the 5th batter of the inning. His line score says it all…4 innings, 1 hit, 5BB’s and 7K’s zero runs. If he finds that consistent arm slot he will be extremely successful over the next 3 years. His final numbers for freshman were 6-0 record with one save. He threw 30 2/3 innings and only allowed 10 singles. He did walk 17 though, usually in bunches, and hit 3 batters. But he did punch out 57 as well. Hopefully his lifting for football this summer and fall will help strengthen his legs and core to help him firm up his front side and his pitching instructor can help him find his optimum arm slot and help him find it on a consistent basis.

Oh ya…his grades have been the best he’s really ever had making honor roll for first semester. Trust me I beat in the good grades mantra as often as possible! He is ADD so it is hard for him but I have to give him credit he is working at it. Playing 3 school sports has helped as grades are strictly enforced by the athletic program.

He looks great and, I agree, some minor work and he’s on his way to big things. Awesome.