15u Pitching Analysis (Slo mo)

Interested in feedback on mechanics.
5’11" 145
Thank you.

Are you currently having any pain or discomfort from throwing/pitching?

After a quick review I would concentrate on your lower half (sitting into your glutes) and hip to shoulder separation.

A good way to feel this (I would do on flat ground) would be to take a short hope or small crow hop on your right leg at the top of your leg lift.

A couple drills to help would be lunge to pitch or siting on a bucket (sit drives) to start delivery. Here are a couple videos that might help.

Strength exercises - 1 leg sit to squat - Start with a height you can control and if need be use bands from overhead for assistance.

Drills for hip to shoulder separation -

Strength exercise - Many different med ball throws, How to low and low to high hammer chop and other rotational exercises

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Your front foot lands on the heel and you drag your back foot before releasing the ball. Land the front foot on the ball of the foot and don’t drag your back foot (get it off the rubber and let it pull forward). Simple physics from The Nutty Professor of Sports (who threw 95 mph back in his day).

Lots of good things here.
He is not balanced over the rubber before going to the plate. Do not swing the lead leg up, pull it up slowly until the raising knee reaches belt height… the full stop. He has to learn to totally balance right there (the balance position) before going to the plate. It’s a major flaw but very easy to correct. Slow down, do not swing that leg backwards past the rubber. Slowly lift it. His control will markedly improve too

Looks pretty powerful to me. Only thing would consider is your plant foot makes a pretty difficult maneuver at start. just step sideways or even slighty forward during windup. keep working

Any idea on what your velocity is?

Velo in game prob touches 70, but mostly high 60s. Have clocked at 74 in a pull down. Would like to add velo - prob need to. Good news is command of 3 pitches and throws 70% strikes.

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Thx. On that particular rubber with sneakers I think the delivery looks worse than in game with normal rubber. He mostly steps to side but he was trying to keep from tripping over that rubber. But yes - good suggestions.

Overall from what I have seen good basis to start. I’m no mechanics expert nor a pitching coach but from my experience, I do think that you take the ball out of the glove way too early. I learned to do it as my leg starts to descend down to prevent any timing issues for my upper half. Also definitely do the drills that we’re mentioned above. You’re an inch taller than me and definitely have so much more in your body in terms of velocity. Definitely get in the the weight room and improve strength on a general standpoint while working on single leg work.