15U Pitcher High School Class of 2020


I am a 6’0", 150 lb, 15 yr old pitcher going into sophomore year. I also play shortstop for my varsity baseball team. I throw a good 11-5 curveball and a changeup (both around mid 60s with good control) and my fastball consistently sits 74-78. I have hit 79-80 a few times, topping at 81. Obviously I am always looking to get better, jump in velocity, put on weight, etc., but am I doing alright where I stand? My goal is to play D1 but I would be completely fine with playing D3 and I would not be surprised if I never play college baseball anyway. Just asking for opinions as to where I am and what I need for the future.


Well first of all, as a 15 year old 2020 sitting 74-78 you shouldn’t have a problem finding a school that will take you whether it be D3 or higher. For the most part if you look hard enough there are probably 100+ D3 programs and countless more JUCO D3 that would gladly take a senior sitting 80-83. But lets say you can close that velocity range to maybe 76-78 max 81 then I wouldn’t say a lower level D1 is out of the picture. Depends on your “projectability” for the future. Most likely as of now I would say your on track for a D3 or low D2 school. Good luck.


What colleges or universities has your current head coach been involved with - helping past players with recruiting, attending various campus camps and clinics? Does your head coach have a track record of passing on quality players in your region?

That last question of regional colleges and universities is very important. Why? Because most recruitment, regardless of the institution, covers an area of about 90 to 150 miles from where you live. Why? Because the college game is a lot about WHO you know in addition to WHAT you know.

Coaches who are well versed in this way of life belong to professional organizations like the American Baseball Coaches Association (www.abca.org) and as such, exchanging information about jobs, coaching techniques, and potential player pools is just part of their job(s). Also, depending on where you live, there are “trade” magazines that strictly focus on high school baseball, players and coaching staffs in particular. So lookup on the web such magazines and see who’s who.

Another fact that always overlooked is what’s in the pipeline already. If you go to any college or university’s sports web page and call up their baseball roster, you’ll find some interesting data spreads of those that have made the club. A lot of these guys bring some pretty impressive credentials to the table. Ahhhh… but don’t be all that impressed with what’ front page news here. Follow their games and notice some stellar guys get rocked pretty often…and only have a record of going 2 innings here, 4 innings there, 1/2 and inning and so forth. Why? Well, they may have been the genuine article at home, but in the larger arena, these guys may be well out of their league.

So look, you’ve got time to do a little research on your own and learn a few things about the selection process of what you’re interested in. By the way, this is a good exercise in looking around for preparing for the working world - subjects to study that best suit your interests, who offers those subjects, your financial environment, and so on.

When I hear about questions like the one you’re asking, I remember and experience while going through high school. I had a classmate who was really gifted in math and science. Another classmate came from a family where his dad was a Master Plumber. After graduation, the classmate with the math and science intellect went on to get his masters in some sort of engineering stuff, and he ended up working for Martin Marietta. Now this was when slide rules were the thing. We had a class reunion and while sitting at the same table, we’re exchanging… “so what do you do for a living?” My classmate who followed in his father’s trade, only said his was a plumber, and left it like that. The engineer at martin Marietta said what he did… but noticed how no one really paid any attention to our classmate the plumber. So he stopped in the middle of his conversations … and said… " I really though that my job and professional was something… all up until I tried to get a plumber at 3 am in the morning…"

Be extra careful Dr_K1223 on finding something that suits your abilities and supporting factors.


Thank you both. I have worked hard and improved and now sit at about 79-82 touching 83 a few times and 84 just once. My coach hasn’t really passed on players to colleges I’m very interested in, but I’ve spoken with him about what I might be shooting for in the future it seems like I’m still in good hands. I’m trying my best to do what seems like the best scenario. Thanks again.


Just as an update, I’m now a junior in high school, I’m 6’2” 170, and over the summer after my sophomore year I committed to a D1 school. I now touch 88 mph while sitting 85-86. Thanks for the help everyone! Sometimes it’s strange how much can change within a year.


Congrats DR_K1223, stay focussed, take care of your arm and keep that GPA strong. I have seen programs back away from verbal commitments. You still have a year until you get to sign the Letter of Intent. Great job.