15u mechanics

I posted last year when my son was 14 and he just turned 15.
He is 5’11 and about 140 pds. Was hoping to get some thoughts on some early season mound work. We have mostly been long tossing and doing flat ground work in getting ready for the season. He is a freshman this year. I forgot the gun today so not sure what his velocity is currently but in playing catch I would say it still has big swings from up to down.

Three clips with different views. I would say from reading the mechanics vs velocity thread below that in selecting a big league pitcher in which he is somewhat similar I would say grienke. Would love to see a side by side of the two. All responses welcomed.

The three biggest things we have been working on have been striding out longer, delayed arm break ( he was big on breaking high last year and almost immediately going into the high cock position) and staying closed as long as he can.

not everyone at once now lol

I got some feedback from structuredoc and will attack, refilm next bullpen session.

Also what are some thoughts on starting point on the rubber for a RHP? As I mentioned last year I pitched in college and had a 3/4 release with a 87-91 mph fastball with movement…so I always started to the far right facing the catcher on the rubber…My son has always started on the far left, 1b side, facing the catcher…mainly because at younger age his spikes would catch on the various rubbers we played on so it was just easier to have that one foot off. thoughts?

Mechanics look pretty solid, so I’d say you’re missing a small tweak that will “fix” your velocity back.

The one thing I noticed is that you don’t have a lot of hip/shoulder separation, meaning your hips and shoulders seem to turn a lot at the same time. Not a big deal, but not the most efficient way in terms of kinetic chaining.
Here’s a great example of kinetic chain:

In your other clip you seem to fall to your right at the end of your delivery, which seems to indicate that you have a lot of momentum going into side-movement despite your arm angle being pretty high, meaning you’re most likely wasting some of the generated momentum.
Maybe adjusting the landing point would help you use your power more efficiently.

thanks for the feedback. I got some new video today and will post later on.

I did gun him today and he was 71-74 which is more than I thought he would be, but hope to get him to 80 with the mechanical adjustments. To me he still is not getting rotational seperation and is not getting that stiff front leg to turn against…it almost looks like he is striding too far and fighting his body to keep the momentum towards the plate.

still battling the same issues in my eyes…thoughts? actually worse to me as his hand break was way early and almost looking like he was rushing.