15 yr old Sophomore

Seems to always throw outside to a RH batter when off. Any suggestions… sorry dont have a rearview to better assess.

How often does it happen? Being “off” that is…

As in how often per batter?? :smiley: Seriously though… I know you may not be able to tell from the side view but I (one who never played baseball past 11yrs old… so take that for what its worth) feel like he is throwing across his body. He mentioned something about his shoulders not being balanced :?: I think. His coach said something about not getting over his front side. I dont know. I know every kids cant be a pitcher but I think at 6’2 give or take an inch 170 lbs… very good arm - plays centerfield and right field… pitching is something he shouldn’t give up on… just needs the right guidance.

This kid is fine…accuracy is a repeatable mechanic and the conditioning to be able to perform that over time. Put him on a solid throwing program, gobs of them out there (Steven’s TuffCuff is excellent and covers the bases). Have him throwing pens regularly…no one jumps on the bump and hits his spots consistently. Use video but have a developmental plan that includes everything, diet, conditioning, form work/pens and plenty of competition (Always emphasizing grades/SAT performance), which is intense but controlled with an eye towards incremental growth (If he hopes to pitch in college certainly)…staying within a plan will help avoid over-use but give solid goals to work for and beyond.

Thats what this dude needs 8) More time throwin baseballs to batters.

The reason I’m not talking mechanics is that he will change as he progresses, he needs to get and develop an internal rhythm so really, just a bunch of fundamental based throwing and his developing strength is going to make him have an awesome possibility, his accuracy will get much better as his confidence builds.

Greatly appreciated! Was debating about tuffcuff but that is confirmation. Thanks!

The loose, whiplike arm action is impressive. Does his fastball have a lot of movement? I’ve found that the more whiplike the arm action is, the more likely it is to have a fastball that moves naturally, usually down and in to right-handed batters from a right-handed pitcher.

It’s important to keep the body going north south not east west, which I think the issue is here. Other than that, I’m impressed mechanics wise