15 yr old pitching mechanics

Behind View

Side View

Any idea what the velocity may be?
Constructive criticism is welcome, thank you!


When there is no comment about what you are looking for, ie mechanical comments or advice on pitches, then we don’t usually make comments. So what are you looking for when we are watching these videos?

I was wondering what I would need to improve on with regards to the overall state of my mechanics such as arm action, scapula load, intent/tempo, hip/shoulder separation and the list goes on. I’m just looking to develop effective mechanics to produce high velocity and command.

Any takers? I outlined what I had in mind as far as goals. In my own opinion it looks like I have little to no scap load and a passive lower body. My intent is also lacking. Glove side looks poor. Suggestions are welcome!

Keep your shoulders closed as long as possible.

Finally got a slow motion gif…

From the slo motion video it appears that as your front hip rotates open to landing your front (GS) shoulder is opening along with the front hip.

Try to work on landing with the front shoulder closed.

Another thing I noticed is that your stride seems to be really rotational. What I mean is that you appear to swing into your stride all the way to foot plant. It even looks like you may be landing somewhat on inside of your plant foot. There doesn’t seem to be much linear movement to the target, causing hips and shoulders to open too early.

Try striding more linear and lead with your front hip toward home, ala the famous Hershieser drill. Striding more linear will help you stay closed longer and allow for more hip/shoulder separation.

I know I recommend this drill alot but I really believe in it and its very effective. It provides instant physical feedback. When doing this drill you should feel the area around your back pocket hit the fence or wall first.

Your motion seems dictated by the mound. Can you get on a real mound with cleats? What I mean is you look “careful”…I would to, it looks like if you got too much body involvement we might get a face plant :shock:

Kind of a bad angle (rather see directly from the side) but it appears that you get little scap load and external rotation (throwing arm “layback”). You’re also “spinning” rather than rotating to throw.

Do copious amounts of arm action work/drills, and work on being more aggressive with the hips as you move out.

As JD said make sure your mound and where you plant is perfectly stable.

Thank you all for the comments they are greatly appreciated! I will try to get a better camera angle and mound. The scap load was something I thought I needed to work on as well as opening early. I will try to get a better video up with some improvements and go from there.

In my opinion it looks like you have some scap load. Becoming more linear in your stride may help accentuate the scap load a little more, especially if your shoulders stay closed longer.

I also agree with jd, Bro you definitely need a new mound. :smiley: