15 Yr Old Pitching Mechanics

Took this video today. Any suggestions on mechanics would be appreciated. Thank You.

Firm up the front leg when it lands.

Look pretty good. I agree with firming up the front leg. Also, he could probably load his pelvis a little more. (He does pelvic load better than most kids I see his age)

Try the hershiser drill, you’ll lead with the hips better, this will give you a longer stride, which will help your front leg firm up. Also, because of your short stride, your back leg isnt extended by footplant, which means you get almost nothing out of your hips. Lead with your front hip and just before foot plant, rotate your drive ankle. this gives you stride and rotation without actually pushing off the mound, lincecum is the best at this and he says he doesnt push, he just kicks his ankle. Your back leg should be rotated just before landing. This will give you alot of power at landing. Look at the picture how his back leg is rotated just before landing, when its rotated before landing you get the most out of your hips.

whats the hersheiser drill?

Face the wall as if it’s home plate and lift your leg like you were picthing and go forward towards the wall but the first thing that should touch the wall is your front hip. Lead with your hip, and let your upper body behind it.