15 YO Luke Pitching Analysis


My names Luke Im 15 years old and I posted a thread yesterday but I made the topic pitching when it should be video Analysis I would love to hear any constructive critisism you have on my form that I’m doing sloppy to clean up my form before this season starts I’m sorry the angle isn’t very good to see my whole wind up i can post another video from the side on thursday. Thanks

Im 5’8
140 lbs



Luke I like your mechanics. I think that fundamentally everything looks solid. My only advice would be to rotate your shoulders as you bring your leg up. This should help get a few extra ticks on the gun and should help keep your hands and knee from being in the way of each other.


Okay thanks ill try it out


Please elaborate; I’m having a difficult time understanding how this would be beneficial.


Instead of keeping a perfect line from your front hip to your front shoulder, rotate your shoulders so they are “closed more” this should get your core and your obliques more active in your pitching motion.


So you’re saying counter rotate shoulders as the leg lifts?




Still not sure I understand the advice you were given about rotating your shoulders as you lift your leg. I believe you were advised to counter rotate your shoulders which I believe will also result in counter rotation of the hips. I would proceed with caution. Rather than giving my own opinion I’ve lifted a portion of a Steven Ellis piece titled “23 pitching mistakes (you’re probably making)”. Excerpt as follows.

"8. Turning your back to the target.

Sorry, not everyone can be like Hideo Nomo. While he was pretty successful with this technique, it is not a recommended method for most pitchers.

Turning your back and shoulder at the peak your leg lift causes several issues. First, turning your shoulders obviously moves them away from the target. While it’s important to have your lead hip closed at the peak of your leg lift, it’s still important to have your shoulders aimed at the target.

Rotating will cause accuracy problem because it may actually force a pitcher to pull too far to the glove side. You will notice pitchers who rotate the shoulders too far will often miss to the outside portion of the strikezone. It can also make it very difficult for the throwing arm to catch up with the rest of the body."

JMO, any movement away from the target is wasted movement.