15 YO 2020 LHP Pitching Analysis


I’ve got some recent video from a few different angles of my son, who is a 2020 LHP that recently turned 15. I am hoping to get some feedback regarding his mechanics. Presently, his pitching coach is working to return him to his natural arm slot, 3/4, and get his elbow away from his body and hand away from his head while pitching (hence the L-screen shown in the first two videos). The last is a video taken during warmups before a game this past Saturday.

Pitching Practice 1;

Pitching Practice 2:

Pitching Warmup:



Paul, I think your video links didn’t work because it’s for EDIT. I will suggest that you use software to slow down the videos in order for us to see better.

I found your son not standing “straight up” in the videos. Any reason for that. His velocity looked decent, but the pitches seemed to miss. It will suggest his mechanics need to be reviewed and adjusted.

Good luck and have fun.


Alex, thank you! I have corrected the issue with the links being in edit mode. Can you tell I’ve not done this very often? :slight_smile: I will see what I can do about getting videos slowed down.

Also I learned something new today: To adjust Youtube playback speed if you’re using the Chrome browser, click the Settings icon in the lower-right corner of the playback window, then click the Speed selector.

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Paul, hey, I also just learned about the Speed selector from you. :slight_smile: Thank you.

The videos work now. I think your son’s mechanics are decent, his speed also looks good. He is a little on the skinny side to be effective. He will also need to grow taller to give him more arm spans and the height of his recent. I like that his glove tucked into the chest and his chest was down after the pitch.

Just need to keep practice and grow. He will get to shine.

Good luck and enjoy.


Delivery looks pretty good. His spine seems to be tipped toward third a bit. Maybe spend time working on dynamic balance and strength / stability training. Do you have a side view?