15 years old, working on some mechanics

My son has a new pitching coach who was in the Reds org and had to retire due to injury.
Very nice guy and seems to really enjoy instructing.

My son seemed to regress with his last coach, who was young d2 pitcher.
This is video from a few weeks back. He is working on his lower half now.
5’10" and about 145. Only throws about 68-70 but probably touches 72 during the game. Strike % is 75 and 1st pitch strike % about 80%. Has good control and He might walk 1 or 2 batters per game. Has a good change up and curve. Working on his 2 seam and slider. Hopefully he can reach 75+ by April

Get him into the weight room. With increased body strength and body weight his velo will shoot up. At 5’10" he should shoot for a body weight around 180-185 (a PB&J before bedtime can work wonders). Work single leg exercises such as split squats, lunges (forward and reverse), bulgarian squats and dead lifts. Do not use a weight lifting belt. Build your stability to handle the increase weight. Don’t forget the upper body with pushups (body weight or weighted) and pull ups (palms facing toward you). it is not uncommon for a teenage to increase his velo by 2mph for every 10lbs of good weight from strength training.

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His mechanics look pretty good. Work on making these two changes
… At the very start of his delivery, he is lurching forward before he breaks his hands. Hands must be broken OVER THE RUBBER. Stand tall. Get into the balance position over the rubber, raise knee to belt with ankle under knee, and hold that for 10 seconds. Only when in complete balance over the rubber can you break the hands and proceed with the delivery.
…At the finish, he is standing straight up. At the end, his chin should be out over his front foot. This will get more velo down the hill.
The rest looks quite good.
Re his pitches, he should be working on command of his 4Seam, 2Seam (pronate the wrist to get arm side movement) and change up. DO NOT attempt the slider, ulnar nerve/growth plate problems in the elbow Start to teach the nose to toes curve.

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Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

Im not sure about what this part means.
At ball release or Right after release?

After release chin should be well over front knee for full extension. Get as far down the hill as possible

This is called throwing uphill while going downhill. There is a cure thanks to physics. The hard part is convincing so-called pitching experts to take the pill - the Physics Pill. The side-effect like the primary effect of the Physics Pill is physics know-how.

This is from this past weekend. Was hard to get video

His movements are really really good. Wouldn’t touch anything with the finish as previous posts may have suggested. Trunk flexion is a product of the pelvic angle of rotation. Forcing trunk flexion can kill rotation around the spine which he does a really really good job of. His sequencing is a tad off if you watch the second video you can see he starts to break the hands down before he starts the leg lift goes down. These have to work together we call them marriage. Having the hands start to move down with the leg will help delay the upper half a bit and help his timing. Another cue that could help is keep the palm facing the ground until his front foot hits. When we start going into external rotation that’s when our shoulder want to start to turn. Delaying that a little bit could help tons. He does a lot of things well just a tiny bit of timing issues. I wouldn’t touch too much mechanics right now. I would touch the weight room and shoot for gaining lean muscle mass. Eating 3000-4000 calories a day and getting to 165-180 range by April will be the biggest game changer.

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Eating too many calories puts on fat not muscle.

If you slow down the video in the beginning you can see his front shoulder drop a tad. This causes a bit of a velo drop. Everything needs to come back first not forward. Finish and separation looks good but work on staying back.

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Thank you all for the replies. Lots of little things to keep working on.
I think once he is in a game he seems to sometime revert back to things we talked about and worked on.

This was his 15u travel game this weekend. He did well.
7ip, 11k, 2 hits, 1 walk, 0 runs

My son is Doing 3 days a week for 8 weeks, of a really good Velocity Development Program in NJ.
Heard many good things about them. Hopefully he gets some good results.

I will check back in mid January

Happy Thanksgiving!