15 Year Old

My 15 year old son just completed his freshman year of high school. He pitched pretty well on varsity this year. His biggest struggle was walks where he had almost a one per inning average. This video is from a recent start with his summer team.

Please let know what you see we need to work on.

Normal Speed

Slow Speed

I don’t know Munster…I’m just so happy he’s still healthy and playing good competitive baseball…you’ve been showing us this kid as he’s grown and I’m just real proud of you and him and your relationship…he needs to begin his earnest work on physical conditioning…I think he may want to work on posture a bit…but one pitch is a tough call to make.

Thanks for taking a look JD. He is falling off with his head to the glove side, i also think he opens his stride foot a little early as well.

I cant belive he has 3 years of high school ball left, time goes by very quickly.

One of your related videos is name staunton, would that be Staunton Virginia?


There are a few things I noticed right away that should help your son. As you noted his head is off line which pulls him backwards to the right. It should be over this belly button thru out the delivery.( His weight should go straight to the plate.) His chest over his lead leg knee also is a good thing to work on. These two things go hand in hand. He also needs to get a higher knee lift, which should help with opening too fast. Get him to land more on the ball of his foot instead of his heel, this will make it easier to get his weight forward. Finally, his glove needs to come up so it is equal and opposite his throwing arm.

Thanks for the input Nick. We will give your suggestions a try and see what we come up with.