15 Year Old Velocity

Hello everyone! I am not going to be one of those annoying high school pitchers that only care about their velocity! However, at the moment I am throwing great due to a plus changeup and knuckle curve, a funky arm angle, and a tailing 75-tops 2-seamer. I just recently turned 15 and am the youngest sophomore on JV and I believe that I am ready to gain velocity now that I have my command along with solid secondary and tertiary pitches! Anything will help! THANKS!!!

hey man, I’m 15 as well and I recently started a weighted ball program that helped me add about 5 mph to my fastball. in addition to the velo, it increased my arm stamina and recovery time so that’s a huge plus. I would highly recommend a weighted ball program, but talk to your coaches first and make sure that they are okay with it. since high school season starts in a few days, I don’t know if starting now would be a great idea, but get your coaches opinion because they will know what’s best for you. other than weighted balls, I would work with medicine balls to train explosive small muscles in your body that can add velo as well. one last thing for if you get the green light for weighted balls, if you search on YouTube, “weighted ball program” you should see a video from milsaps/northwest on Blaise Kings channel. thats my school, that’s the exact program I did and I highly recommend it.

hope this helps

thanks dude! i definitely will look into it! and yes season does start very soon so i will let my coach know

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Weighted Ball is a great program, also the opposite is great.
If you have nothing to do try throwing a small foam baseball (You can do this indoors).
Warm up just like you regularly would, then you can transition to throwing a regular ball outside and you’ll notice you are putting in effort that you didn’t know you could give.