15 year old (please analyze, i need serious help w/mechanix

I already posted a topic exactly like this, but w/the trouble i was having w/pictures I decided to make another post & get a fresh start. I’ll post more pictures (and a video when I get a digital video camera) BUT PLEASE ANALYZE THESE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN

I have no idea how fast I throw, we take the gun out on the last practice (though last year when i had elbow/forearm problems, i couldn’t throw that close to full speed and it was in the low 60’s). Oh and by the way…I’m 15 right now and in the pictures too if that really matters.

A couple things I think need work…
1.Longer stride
2.rolling my back ankle more , push off foot for more momentum toward home (not too much to alter it to the left side of home plate when you’re looking at it on the mound)
3.better follow through w/back leg

and whatever you guys think, don’t be afraid to criticize me either, like i said…I NEED HELP BAD!!

what i mainly see is your stride dont be afraid to lift your leg a lil more and push really hard with ur hips towards the plate try to step to ur height i know this because i used to have the problem and that was last year i fixed it in a two weeks im 15 also.

What exactly do you mean by pushing my hips hard toward home??

sounds like hes saying just lengthen ur stride, and the hips thing sounds like he wants u to get urself out farther and get more out of ur hips and lower half which is where more of ur velocity is from.

just curious how long is ur stride or compared to ur height what percentage is it?

Last year, my all star coach (who happens to also be my JV coach) said that my stride should be at least 90% of my body height. All of the pitchers on the team, including me, measured it out with our own feet length. All of ours was about 5 1/2 steps (back of heel in front of rubber, touching it, and alternate touching heel to toe, one in front of the other 5 1/2 times …if that makes any sense at all)

I used to measure that out last year everytime i stepped on the mound, and try to shoot for it every time. This year I haven’t been. We’ve only had 1 game so far and I’m going to start doing that again, I’ve been struggling this year and for the last three games last year i did that and i was a lot better.

i have a great program that i follow to make me better and there is a mexican pitcher right now who was throwing 83 mph went on this program how to lengthen ur strike it says 90%-100% of ur body that how far too stride that kid now throws 91 mph and is talking with texas but not sure he will go there.