15 Year Old Pitching Analysis

I’ve posted on here before a few months ago and now I’m doing fall ball. My mechanics are are different from last time and I would like to know if there are things I can improve.

New Video:

Old Video:

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Sorry about that, I just changed it to public just now.

If your doing ok throwing strikes and pitching fast enough, I would stick with it. Work on a change and curve ball. There is not much you can do with your mechanics because it is not normal. A pitching coach would have to revamp the whole thing to make it closer to normal.

Just keep throwing bull pen and you will be able to make adjustments to your style.

What issues are you having other than not paying attention to the runner on second? :lol: Seriously though, are you looking for adjustments to be more consistent, gain velocity, etc?

I’m looking to work on my pitching overall. I want to focus on my velocity since my consistency is very good but I don’t know how I should working on my velocity.

It looks to me that you’re kind of stalling out on your back leg (squatting) rather than trying to go down and out at the same time. Basically you should be moving out on your back leg down the mound more quickly rather than going straight down as your first move. It also looks like you also swing your stride leg back causing you to lose momentum forward–it acts as a counterbalance for you to cause you to shift weight backward instead of keep moving forward faster. This seems to be hurting your hip/shoulder separation, as well as causing you to get your arm up very quickly (your arm looks like it is cocked and ready to throw very early). I would try to increase the speed that you’re trying to travel down the mound. Also try to break your hands later by getting momentum with your throwing arm out of your glove (hands in front like you’re praying, and develop a tempo and rhythm to break your hands down in front of you).

This is a model of Nolan Ryan throwing for example (watch his hand break and the way he moves down the mound):

“Once Ryan’s hands start to separate, he captures and maintains that energy bringing the ball and glove down and then up again in one continuous motion, as a roller coaster would go down the track and then up again capturing much of its down track momentum.” [Nyman]

Your arm during your stride (notice how little you’ve moved forward/down the mound at that point):