15 year old pitching analysis

Any helpful comments to improve pitching mechanics are appreciated . . . thank you!

lots of good stuff, but I saw a couple of things:

avoid back leg collapse by keeping the back foot flat and the weight centered over the foot and not on the inside half.

upper half of the stride leg should not be parallel with the ground at foot plant which shows a potential weak front leg. The front knee is not drifting forward, so that is a good thing. The upper half of the stride leg should be at more of a 45 degree angle to the ground–your torso drops a lot and is sitting very low at foot plant as a result. this is also keeping the torso back behind the front knee instead of out even with it. Most of this seems to stem from your drive leg action.

your elbow looks a bit strange in this slow motion video, perhaps it’s just the frame rate. I would like to see full speed before I comment.
Not a bad overall delivery.

Your pushing the ball. Also you need more intensity. And dont get much separation. Try to keep both your top half and the front of your hip closed and then swing your back hip around while straightening your leg. Your what I would call being front hip dominant right now.