15 Year Old Pitcher

ust a few questions. I play High School baseball. I have had trouble pitching lately, I do visit a pitching trainer. I have been told I am staying open, and wide. Is there anyway I can stay closed and more compact, so I can hit my target in the zone. I am 5’9 weighing 130-135.

The pitches I throw are:

4 Seam Fastball - 55-68 MPH
2 Seam Fastball - 50-60 MPH

  • Having trouble with my control on hitting the target called with these right now.
    Circle Changeup - 40-50 MPH
    Palm Ball - 38-50 MPH
    12-6 Curve Ball (Almost fully learned, adding velocity to it.) - 30-55 MPH

I only throw the two fastballs and the changeup right now because I am struggling. I use to be able to pitch 8 innings, throwing only about 15 to 20 pitches an inning. Now I am over that because I am having trouble hitting my targets. Something I have learned from my trainer is called POWER T and POWER I.


video would be easier for people to tell you whats wrong with ur mechanics

and your velocities are messed up, you pitches should not have 20 mph differences 5 mph at the most

Hersheiser drill is great for being able to stay closed longer!

I disagree with 5 mph at the most, good change should be 7-10 mph off the fast ball. Curve might even be 10-12 mph off. I would think that your curve velocity at 30 might really be an exageration especially at 60 feet, but I would agree with 45-50 mph if your fast ball is hitting 68. I do feel you are inconsistent in your velocities though, if you throw 68 then your fastballs should be 68, change needs to be about 58 and curve at 50-55. Why you have a 13 mph range I don’t get, also your 4 seam and 2 seamers shouldn’t really have different velocities, 4 seam should just be striaghter and the 2 seamer should have movement into the righty (if your right handed). This could be clue to inconsistent mechanics, so like it was said before how about some video?

I think what he meant with the velocities being off is that he shows a range of his fastball at 55-68 mph – that is a pretty big range for a 4 seam fastball… he should be able to consistently hit 65-68 with it.

Thanks structuredoc, I guess I was only reading the words and not understanding the meaning.

yup structuredoc got it!! thankss

What is that? Never heard of it.And I used to be consistant with my speeds, but when I lost my mechanics, a coach tried changing them, I lost my control on velocity as well.


Here is a youtube video of it!!!

Thank you, any other suggestions?

Well I have found this simple drill to fix issues like staying opening or opening too early, it’s so simple and easy to implement yourself.

Okay, thank you. I will hopefully be pitching today. I will have my family video and I will provide a link for you guys to view.