15 year old pitcher pre-game routine

What could a 15 year old pitcher do for a pre-game routine?

You see what MLB, AAA, AA and A pitchers do.

Any suggestions?

Jog from 1st or 3rd to the foul pole and back
Jumping jacks
Walking forward leg extensions and high stepping? down the foul line
Karaoke shuffles
Small and large; forward and backward arm circles
Rotator cuff and elbow tubing exercises to heat those muscles
Start short toss at about 35’ then stretch it out progressively to 100’ at game intensity, but don’t throw alot
Work back in from 100’ back to 60’ with the change up grip and move to the mound

Once on the mound build your fastball up to game intensity,
Work mostly from the stretch
Try to pick one location and hit it with every fastball 10-15 pitches
Work the change up 8-10 pitches focused on keeping it down
Throw 5-8 breaking balls to get a feel for what it’s doing–again try to hit the
same spot with each pitch