15 Year Old Mechanic Help

Hey Guys,

Here are a few videos of a 15 year old, throws around 70-75, which I have been working with for a few months now. This is my first post on this site but I was wondering if anyone can tell me the best way to slow down this you tube footage. Either by bought program or other way. Also, any all mechanical advice, and or drills to help assimilate the advice into his motion, would be a great help, I will definitely pass it on. Thanks in advance.

Pelvic Loading Series

Mound (Flat Ground)

Not necessarily the suggestions you were looking for, but:

  1. Use a tripod. Not even the most steady-handed person can take good, analytical quality video.

  2. It looked like the flat-surface delivery, recorded in a gym, did not involve an actual baseball…? The side-view was okay, but it would be preferable to see his mechanics actually delivering a real pitch.

Re: Slo-mo, if you are taking the video, you can download it to your computer and convert it to slo-mo using any of a number of editing programs; however, be aware that it won’t be “high quality” slo-mo, because you cannot fill in the information the camera misses at 30 fps.

Software-produced slo-mo always looks a little “jerky” but it is often good enough for analysis, esp. if # 1 and #2, above, are taken care of.

Thanks for the response.

  1. I will look into using a tri-pod and normal video camera. These shots were actually just taken with an iPhone. Easy to use easy to upload, was hopeful with the right program or editing they could produce quality enough video for analysis.

  2. In all these videos a baseball is being thrown. They are being done in a gym as that is the best available space atm, living in Chicago it’s about 10 degrees out lately. He does work off an indoor mound as well, however not when these were taken.

I will look into having him filmed delivering a “real” pitch and have it posted when available. Thanks again for the response.


If anyone could look at the flat ground from the side. I know it’s not the best video quality but I was wondering if anyone had an opinion one way or the other on when he reaches the height of his leg kick he also crunches his upper half in as well.

My initial thoughts are that the extra movement with his head and upper half is throwing off his balance and control. I am also thinking that all the movement in the upper half is limiting how effective his hip rotation can/should be.

I would love to hear others thoughts. Thanks.

IMO the “crunch” is a posture change that slows down his movement to the target and affects his overall timing. I don’t like the way he looks down either. This just serves to enhance or encourage the change in posture.

Of all the videos I feel he looks best in the one where he starts from standing still on one leg- better posture, good lead with the hip- and it looks like he’s generating more momentum faster in a positive direction. If somehow you can get him to this position (moving toward the target, good posture, leading with the hip) as his stride leg is coming off the ground, or at least before he reaches the top of leg lift, I think you’re on your way. Then work on being a little more “aggressive” with the glove side and stabilizing the glove out front for just a little longer.