15 year old Left Hander from Dominican Republic

Hey, havent posted in a while!
Well, I finally got the camera out and went to film me and my cousin pitching. It was on flat grounf, coming off the Christmas break. We wanted to get warmed up for our training so we didnt go full out, 100%. It was also on flat ground as there are no baseball fields unocupied within walking distance.

Some background info:
I came to the DR to play/ practice baseball to get better. I was born in Canada, my parents are from DR. I just turned 15 on Dec 30, 2009. In November I was gunned at 81, that was my average, my hardest was 83. I recently learned how to throw a change-up and I know how to throw a curve ball but I only do it for fun, I’ll throw it like 5 times a week.

The only time I get to play is on weekends becuase school and training take most of my time. I usually play with the older guys 16-18 with my older cousin. I have had little succes (Some of those guys are AWSOME!) but it helps me get better.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Pray for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti

Your front side arm is flying around a bit. It would be better to judge if we can see you throw from a mound. Playing up to competition is great…you may get thumped here and there but ultimately it should help you better understand and compete at higher levels.
Now that you have access to the camera, get some more in game situations or at full speed from a mound. Your velocity is decent for your age but I’d suspect it could get better…like I said get some more vid.

Carpe Diem to you too!

(Roughly “sieze the day” in Latin)