15 year old HS Soph. - Input Please

This is my first post on the forum though I have been reading post for quite some time. My son and I are looking for some input on his pitching. A little background info:

My son is a 15 year old HS Soph. He has pitched since @ 8 years old with only my instruction. We have stuck to fundamentals: trying to let his throwing style develope naturally, only correcting any major flaws which may have appeared occasionally. From the beginning of his pitching until this year, his pitches have consisted only of a fastball, 4 and 2 seam, and changeup. This year he started incorporating a curve, which is developing really nice, though he still concentrates on locating his pitches and changing speeds to get batters out more so than trying to use the curve too much. In the big picture, this philosophy has helped him to develope a really nasty changeup anyway, so the curve is just one more tool in the bag.

The year started with the realistic expectations of playing JV and getting plenty of time on the mound to work towards stepping into a Varsity role next year. But, after a really good winter, he has been thrust into a role on Varsity, splitting starts between SS and 2Base, and and getting some mid-game time on the mound several times so far.

My concerns are that my son has reached a point where the improvements he makes from now on will be much more minor and need to be spotted by a more “trained” eye than my own. We have looked into some possible private instructions semi-locally, but i’m not really sure that’s going to be very affordable. Any input is welcomed, your not going to hurt any feelings here.

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 145lbs
Speed: Never been clocked: I’m guessing somewhere around 76-80mph.

Thanks for taking the time to read and post.

(I’m trying to make arrangements to be able to get some better quality video.)

Your son looks solid and has good prospects for advanced fundamental training.

I would suggest looking into the local college programs - clinics for your son’s age group, propect camps, and the like. I would also suggest asking any local college baseball office/coach if they know a coach who is retired that volunteers his/her time to help youngsters along with the pitcher’s position. I do. I’m retired and I volunteer my time. That time not only keeps me in physcial shape, but the interaction also passes along training routines that are sound, safe and realistic. There are many coaches who, if asked, would be more than happy to help your son out. BUT, this requires a sincere effort on you and your son’s part.

By the way, any coaching should carry forward on the field with the club that your son signs on to during the regular playing season. By that I mean solid instruction that enhances a player’s ability should be workable on the field, and any trainee should be willing to use that training and develop it. In addition, any private coach should have a start and stop environment that doesn’t overlap into the space of your son’s summer coach. You don’t want your son to have two (2) coaches at the same time, each pulling on the strings of loyality.

Best wishes with your son’s baseball experience.

Coach B.

Thanks for the advice Coach B, thats an approach I hadn’t considered for private coaching. We’ll get started on making some contacts now and hopefully be prepared to start when the HS season ends. We appreciate the perspective.

Just a side note of celebration, my son started on the mound yesterday and pitched his first no-hitter! This year has definately started off much greater than we ever anticipated!